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Improving Delivery through Hybrid project management

The COVID-19 health crisis has reshuffled the carts in terms of priority management with geo-dispersed teams. Companies had to adapt quickly and deliver on time!  In response, the Agile transformation of companies has accelerated.

Companies have to juggle geo-dispersed teams and projects – Agile – Waterfall – Hybrid – in both organization and execution.

Hybrid portfolio tracking is now essential to bring all the information together in the same repository, and have a single source of truth.

PPM Collaborative Technology: How To Select Your Enterprise System

The way you work now isn’t pushing your company to the next level of innovation. So how do you choose a solution that will? In today’s enterprise, technology choices touch every major initiative. CIOs have more strategic impact, business unit leaders are under pressure to be more agile, and the volume of data related to projects across the company is staggering. With innovative new competitors emerging each day, only the companies that embrace more collaborative, flexible technology will remain leaders in their markets.

Strategic Initiatives, The Agility Blueprint

Despite heavy investment, strategic initiatives fail more often than they succeed. According to the Project Management Institute (PMI), organizations lose on average $149 million for every $1 billion spent on strategic initiatives, due to poor project execution. Learn about the proven best practices that make the difference between success and failure.

New Product Innovation: The Case for Collaboration

New product innovation is the lifeblood of business growth and longevity. Markets today are more competitive and more prone to disruption than ever. Companies must continuously invest in innovation and need to generate positive returns faster.

Managing Network Operation Projects

This white paper includes feedback from more than 70 interviews with key deployment project stakeholders and decision makers at those organizations.


Shared views of M. Paulin, OVHcloud CEO and H. Laumonier, One2Team Founder on digital transformation

Michel PAULIN, CEO of OVHcloud and Hervé LAUMONIER, Founder of One2Team, discuss the challenges of growth and rapid transformation of companies: strategic programs, data sharing, hybrid work, trusted cloud, digitalization… 

[OVHcloud-One2Team] How to support double-digit growth and accelerate delivery?

Leading companies choose One2Team to manage their global Performance Plan. See how OVHcloud has succeeded in deploying a delivery platform to its various businesses and expertise around the world. Watch the testimony of F. Etheves, COO of OVHcloud.

They deploy and manage their strategic program in One2Team, testimony of the OVHcloud teams

With 75% of OVHcloud projects managed within One2Team and using a common methodology, managers and Comex have KPIs for better prioritization of strategic project. Watch the team’s testimony!

“Manage your digital transformation with confidence with OVHcloud and One2Team”

During the Ecosystem Experience 2021, One2Team and OVHcloud shared their success story during their session dedicated to digital transformation. Discover the replay

Suez Customer testimonial

Suez chooses One2Team to manage its SPOT 2023 program and to steer governance, processes and carry out all transformation and performance actions. As part of the “Shaping SUEZ 2030” strategic plan, which aims to make Suez the world leader in environmental services, the SPOT 2023 program targets €1.2 billion in savings by 2023. While the objective is to increase value creation over 4 years, tangible results are expected as early as 2021. This very ambitious plan is a first in the history of the Group, for which never before have so many activities or stakeholders been involved in a performance plan at the same time.

One2Team Work & Projects in Microsoft Teams

Work is increasingly fragmented: to collaborate remotely, your teams use Microsoft Teams every day. Discover our optimized integration for Microsoft Teams that offers dispersed teams a single place to collaborate and manage their projects. Voluminous, unstructured, … this continuous stream of conversations can be time consuming. By being natively integrated with Microsoft Teams, One2Team allows users to stay organized with information in context, and save time during meetings by escalating issues! The combined power of One2Team and Microsoft Teams benefits the whole team and the whole company!

Platform to Deliver Work & Projects

Bring work and projects together in One2Team, align teams and strategy, deliver results faster and more efficiently. One2Team brings everyone on board and gives everyone a 360° view of initiatives, progress and risks. Team or project members exchange contextualized information, raise and address alerts: more efficient collectively, they deliver on target.

Huawei Customer Testimonial

The size and number of complex deployment projects in the telecom sector have escalated. Huawei is a global leader in 4G LTE deployments, small cell networks and upgrades of 3G asset stock.
The company leveraged One2Team to manage a wide variety of suppliers, contractors and customer teams. 

The Slideboard by One2Team

One2Team provides a unique Kanban-style SlideBoard™ interface providing users with project details in a single view. Workflows can be adapted to support all agile methodologies. As more projects come in, our fully extensible data model makes it possible to manage high volumes of data and users.

Work Management Webinar

Have you ever felt like there must be a better way to work During this recorded webinar, Chris Marsh, Research Director of Workforce Productivity and Compliance at 451, delves into the challenges of the modern enterprise in managing work across siloed teams, data and tools.

Customer Stories

The most complex businesses choose One2Team to manage projects across the enterprise. See how it works across industries.


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