Your Enterprise Work is Changing

Volume & Velocity:

As competitive pressure increases, leaders must product results at greater volume and greater velocity. Driving agility means that teams need autonomy to succeed.

Flexible Workflows:

To be successful, experts need program data and customizable workflows that are relevant to their field. Monolithic, template-only systems do not provide it today.

Collaboration Required:

The best results come from cross-functional collaboration across the enterprise. But teams still work in isolation; tools proliferate, but collaboration doesn’t happen.

High Customization:

Every project is different. Out-of-the-box templates aren’t enough for complex portfolios. Teams deal with higher volumes of information, more stakeholders, different cultures and methodologies. All while visibility and oversight decrease.

So Change the Rules

To drive agility while managing complexity, today’s leaders rely on our cloud platform to:

Empower your experts

with our highly configurable model, everyone manages their own program work in context — with higher adoption and 10x more project data to leverage

Break the silos

our all-in-one platform includes tightly integrated collaboration, workflow and project repository systems, including team messaging and social apps

Gain X-ray oversight

real-time dashboard and drill-down features put the executive summary and the details at hand

Empower your experts

Need a new set of business rules for each group? Check. Want to create slightly different workflows for different projects? Done. Our highly customized data model starts with a simple UI. All the synchronization and heavy data lifting happens behind the scenes.The result is a platform that is tailored for each expert group. Teams can modify their UI for any work item—deliverables, status updates, workflows, forms, business rules and so on—with the level of specificity each function needs.This is not a top-down, pre-defined set of fields to mimic the old top-down reporting. All details that were once in Excel are now embedded into a card that provides context and the right actions per user or team. One2Team offers a fully extensible platform that delivers relevant program details. Teams manage the work that matters to their individual, team and business success.

Break team silos

In One2Team, groups work better alone and together. The same flexibility that empowers experts to create their own function-based rules can connect an entire set of projects. Project-specific documents, task details, and messaging empower teams across silos. Triggers can be set to facilitate handovers across groups and send alerts when a deadline is missed. Share great ideas or discuss options in social feeds, distribute files, sync handovers, communicate plans and analytics, notify on progress—dozens of features drive the best collaboration. Program data can be accurately seen from all sides to properly plan and align. Teams can work deeply in their own business rules, but can then overlap, connect and carry over work where the program requires it.

Gain X-ray oversight

One2Team reconciles the need for agile autonomy and strategic control. Real-time, direct-from-the-source accurate dashboards allow you to see the 360-degree view. Need more nuance? Drill down into relevant and factual input from the experts. How does it work? Project or product data consists of formulas, policies, business rules and dependencies that spans across many business units. This wealth of data must be aggregated and computed to provide accurate, timely insight. One2Team’s high-performance processing engine, based on big data technologies, is uniquely designed to continuously update data across the enterprise with greater accuracy than hierarchical reporting. Updates come directly from experts, not through costly manual reporting or PMO interpretation. Executives gain a consolidated view of multiple projects and drill down into specifics in real-time.

BEL Group deploys a centralized innovation system over 130 countries

``One2Team is the must-have tool to accelerate our innovations.``


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The One2Team Advantage

Cloud from day one

 Pure cloud designed, not migrated
Role-based UI and configuration
Gartner Visionary for Cloud PPM

Built for the enterprise

Right infrastructure for scale & security
Data integrity, uptime & disaster recovery
$130 billion in complex programs & portfolios

Global insight

 Users in more than 50 markets
Capterra #1 for international usability
Gartner Visionary for Cloud PPM
Multi-currency & multi-language

Get up and running faster

 Fastest implementation of its kind
Consultants for rollout and process
Connectors for system integration