Resource Management & Capacity Planning

Resource management and capacity planning are key components of managing both your company’s projects and its broader global portfolio.
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Assign projects and tasks according to capacity and business priority.


One of the core ways to deliver on business strategy is to optimally match resource supply and demand within changing priorities and in concert with on-the-ground decisions. Modern resource management allows the enterprise to continuously analyze and optimize its capacity, all while gaining agility in light of dynamic organizational demands.

Real-Time Scenario Planning

  • Modeling and what-if analysis for 50 to 30,000 resources for multiple current & future projects
  • Assessment on timeline delays, shifts, expansions and consolidations, with bulk allocation importing
  • Project new or cancelled projects

Resource Planning

  • Ensure the right employees are in the right place at the right time
  • Form an integrated marketplace for resources, match supply with demand, and negotiate for resource availability
  • Automate approval workflows to allocate resources

Time Tracking Against Projects

  • Time tracking included by hours / man-days
  • Detailed information on what resource profiles are dedicating time compared to project plans
  • Inventory time spent and projected time off to feed into improved resource & capacity planning as business priorities evolve

Optimized Data & Reporting

  • Report on projected time spend against actual to gain a full view of budget precision and project planning accuracy
  • Audit & maximize use of all available resources
  • Anticipate bottlenecks and recruitment needs
  • Leverage execution data to gain confidence in future project qualification

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