Why One2Team ?

Working faster, more efficiently, together

Prebuilt and modular business solutions


Fast onboarding, multiplied use and unlocked value


Personalised support to grow with you


Evolutive multi-solutions SaaS platform


Prebuilt and modular business solutions

Based on 20 years of experience in the digitalisation of our clients’ processes, our best-in-class pre-built and modular solutions are perfectly adapted to the business challenges of each department.

We also digitise governance. Every process is alive and well and leads to decision making. That’s why the KPIs at your disposal reflect your definition of performance and the proper execution of the process.

Don’t wait any longer, our ready-to-use solutions allow you to experience a new way of working in just 3 weeks!

From the very first use, find your work environment faithfully digitalized

Fast onboarding, multiplied use and unlocked value

The value depends on how your solution is actually used by your teams. This is why speed of adoption is the first indicator of success that we measure and to which we pay close attention.

Everything is done to make your takeover a success and mobilize a maximum of users to unlock value in your enterprise:
– Solutions delivered with your own processes and terminologies so that each user recognises his or her environment.
– Interface designed for remote work and in several languages adapted for dispersed operational teams
– Advice and expertise from our consultants and your Customer Success Manager for successful onboarding and rapid adoption.

Interfaces designed to maximise user experience and adoption

Personalised support to grow with you

Our experts have your business case at their fingertips and have the strategic knowledge to help you achieve your operational excellence goals. Our implementation methodology is based on Agile and Lean concepts, which allows us to deploy around 50 One2Team platforms per year within a quality timeframe.

With the platform’s configuration capabilities, you can easily upgrade your solution as your organisation, processes and governance changes.

A solution at the service of your objectives thanks to our Agile consultants

Evolutive multi-solutions SaaS platform

At the start, you choose a pre-built modular solution. You activate options, you add new users… Your processes involve other departments, everything works perfectly. What if other departments also use One2Team for their own processes?

On a common platform, One2team manages multiple processes, each with its own workflow and business rules. You define the limits for sharing information if you want to set them. Break down silos, have a consolidated view with cross-process and inter-departmental indicators, and give your employees a more global view of their contribution to company projects.

Recognised as a Visionary by Gartner for the 9th consecutive year

One2Team is recognized by Gartner as the Magic Quadrant visionary (11th year in a row) with the most complete vision in the Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) space, with exceptional strength in collaboration and flexibility.

A word from the Founder

On the strength of our 20 years of experience and best practices observed with our clients during our implementations, we have matured our offer to propose pre-built and modular solutions that correspond precisely to your process digitisation challenges.

With our Starter Packs we are able to deliver our solutions in just a few weeks. Our support services offer you great flexibility: autonomy with tutorials that allow you to quickly take charge of the solution, or customised training for a more personalised follow-up.

Our solutions continuously take into account the evolutions of your markets, always with the objective of offering the best user experience. For example, the COVID crisis led in a few weeks to the prioritisation in the roadmap of integration with collaborative tools such as Microsoft Teams, to take into account new ways of working.

We support our clients in their adoption and evolution of organisational and operating methods. Always listening to our clients, from whom we learn the most, we work with them to make our solutions grow with them.

One2Team Founder

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One2Team is the Saas platform that helps companies to increase collective performance, onboarding all populations into a single digital workplace integrated with collaborative and business solutions and giving a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process anyone need to focus on to Deliver Work and Projects.




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