We constantly talk to our customers to learn what their business and project management challenges are. And the challenges are many — just check out our list of the 7 critical challenges retailers face in their deployment projects, or, for a more in-depth analysis, our recent report Coordinating Retail Projects 2015 for which we interviewed 100 project and operations executives at the largest European retailers. 

One of One2Team’s large retail customers was facing several of those challenges and chose One2Team to address them.

The customer’s challenge

The customer is a multinational restaurant and agribusiness conglomerate, with holdings in Europe and the United States. The group’s brands include several well-known restaurant, baked goods and coffee shop chains. Some numbers:

  • 1,300+ restaurants and stores.
  • $1.65 billion in sales.
  • Presence in 80 countries.
  • 25,000+ employees.
  • 1,000,000 customers served daily worldwide.
  • 200 new locations opened each year.

The company was facing issues that are common to many fast-growing multi-site retailers we work with. They included performance and delay issues in store construction and renovation projects, store maintenance operations and merchandising display installations. Key challenges included:

  • Collaboration effectiveness. Project managers, contractors, maintenance crews, store staff and executives need a way to communicate effortlessly.
  • Risk mitigation. When commercial rents are at a premium and every closing hour of a high-traffic store means significant loss and shrinking margins, detecting and mitigating project risks is critical.
  • Operational efficiency. Retail deployment project costs can easily run into the six or seven figures, so operational efficiency can have a major impact on profitability.
  • Data centralization. To “industrialize” deployment and operations management, all project data must be aggregated in a single, shared, real-time data repository.

One2Team for Retail: Out-of-the-box

One2Team has developed a package that is specifically designed for multi-site retailers. The customer was able to implement a comprehensive solution based on the standard, out-of-the-box One2Team for Retail solution.


Among the features and capabilities included are:

  • Slideboard, which enables project managers to see at-a-glance the status of large numbers of projects and to quickly re-prioritize plans or assign resources.
  • Simplified mobile tools, designed for field operators and contractors, that enable them to review essential information about each store and intuitively check off tasks as soon as they are completed.
  • Executive Cockpits that automatically aggregate and visualize project progress and financial data for multiple initiatives and projects in real time.
  • Interactive Maps that provide a dynamic view of activities, progress status and alerts at different stores and sites across a region.

Customer’s results

In a few short weeks since the start of the engagement, One2Team deployed and customized its SaaS Retail solution for the customer. Initially planned for just one brand, the scope was quickly expanded to include the group’s three major brands for a total of 300+ locations.

With One2Team, the customer rapidly secured its program management capacity and ability to scale. It now orchestrates deployments and operations with an unprecedented level of coordination, enabling its aggressive expansion plans. In the words of one of the company’s top executives:

As a customer, I can say that this collaboration solution was deployed in a very short time and has enabled us to gain efficiencies in our project implementations, including communication with other functions within our company.

If you’d like to have a closer look at One2Team for Retail, register for a live demo!

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