At One2Team, we are committed to providing the best solution for managing all your projects and initiatives. To achieve that, we involve key clients and give them a sneak peek into One2Team’s world. They’re our extended family of early adopters, who test and give us feedback before we deploy any new feature.  Let’s introduce you to the latest features that have just passed their review:

More Data Encryption

When we think about cross-enterprise collaboration we think files. Many, many files. Your document repository is a vault of crucial and often confidential projects, for which security is key. So in the past months, our engineers have worked hard on making your data more secure so that you’re able to focus on what’s important and sleep soundly.

At One2Team, all our customer data is stored on database servers. Access to these servers is limited to One2Team administrators, but when customers pick the Encryption for Data at Rest option, One2Team does not have access to their data. By choosing HyTrust, a third-party technology provider, One2Team offers their users enhanced protection against data theft on physical and virtual hard drives as well as alerting of any attempted unauthorized drive access.

Single Sign-On (SSO) for all users

sso_v3 (1).jpgLet’s face it, we all tend to use the same password for multiple sites. Of course, it is easier to memorize only one complicated combination instead of ten, but this considerably reduces the security level of these passwords.

Single Sign-On will make your One2Team login way easier. Just picture yourself tomorrow morning. You’ll only have to enter your username and password once to connect to your internal tools and One2Team. Of course, SSO saves a lot of your time, but it also allows administrators to validate that users’ passwords comply with their security policy.


Keyword Search & Filters: Data you need, Faster

filters_v6.jpgThe keyword & filter search has been completely redesigned to be more visual and offer more accurate results faster. First of all, the keyword search is now accessible in one click from your Slideboard or Gridboard. Just type one or more keywords and press Enter. The search engine will scan the title and content of all tasks and display what you were looking for. 

You’ll also be able to see, update or remove active filters from your Slideboard or Gridboard, without having to open the drop-down menu. The data you need, just faster.


Easily Interact with Everyone through our Social feature

We are continuously updating the look and feel of our social collaboration module for quicker, more streamlined collaboration. Log all your questions, decisions or information in a flash, mention people with a “@” to notify them about a specific issue or an update of the task. They also get notified by email and can reply directly through their inbox from any device.

Usability Improvements on Slideboard and Cockpit


It’s not just early adopter feedback that we value. We take all our customer input very seriously. This is why we reworked the Cockpit interface to better visualize your data with user-friendly dashboards. You will also notice that the Slideboard cards have seen just enough enhancements to make your daily life easier. 


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