Your mission: to ensure the success of your transformation and performance plans. To achieve this, the key lies in your ability to align every department in your organization. One2Team’s Strategic Initiatives solution was designed to support you and help you drive your objectives through operational digitalization. It allows you to gain in efficiency and responsiveness, and to lead cross-functional initiatives within your organization. Discover how it works and its advantages in the following graphic.


Strategic Initiative Challenges

The deployment of a strategic initiative plan within a company is a response to the competitive and performance objectives of the business. This approach can generate a lack of alignment between teams and implies a certain amount of risk for those managing it.

In this context, many initiatives fail. The numbers do not lie: out of each billion dollars invested, companies lose on average 149 million dollars1 when launching a strategic plan. Even worse: 95%2 of employees claim that they are not aware of their company’s strategy.

Knowing that agile companies are up to six times more efficient in their sector of activity, it is essential to have a solution adapted to the implementation of a strategic initiative plan. It is with this in mind that One2Team created its “Strategic Initiatives” offer. It enables users to secure the implementation of transformation and performance plans, and to achieve their quantitative and qualitative objectives.

The One2Team solution

Intended for professionals who wish to improve their operational performance and enhance their agility, One2Team’s “Strategic Initiatives” solution covers four main axes.

  • Speed: process alignment accelerates the execution of corporate strategy.
  • Agility and autonomy: different business units working on the same platform, with views adapted to each team.
  • Anticipation of issues: each initiative owner can easily raise an alert and the initiatives will then be reviewed directly within the platform during decision-making committees.
  • Time savings: the circulation of information is accelerated, reporting is simplified, and decision based on share data!

By enabling the alignment of all departments, One2Team’s “Strategic Initiatives” solution accelerates the execution of the strategy and ensures its success by securing increasingly demanding results.

1Pulse of the Profession In-Depth Report: Enabling Organizational Change Through Strategic Initiatives. Project Management Institute.

2The Office of Strategy Management. Robert Kaplan & David Norton, Harvard Business Review.


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