The deployment of a new concept, a new brand or a new offering on a large number or retail locations such as stores, dealerships, franchises, restaurants or gas stations, can be a massively complex undertaking for a global company. It is not uncommon for many such initiatives to suffer major delays or outright failure. Even more common are instances in which steering committees have imperfect visibility on progress or find out too late that targets will not be met.

There are, however, ways to maximize the chances of success.

1. Boots on the ground

Given that multi-site deployments involve sites that are, by their very nature, geographically dispersed, it is essential to create a distributed team with local project managers and liaisons. The responsibility of each local team should not exceed a sufficiently small area such that they can visit physical locations and job sites regularly, potentially every week. This holds true for project managers and employees of the company, as well as for vendors, suppliers and contractors. Then you need to open the communication channel.

2. Cut reporting and control time-lag

With such a distributed team, it can be difficult to consolidate reports and updates. By the time information has moved up the management chain it may be too late to take corrective actions. And even if the information is available, it takes time to communicate any course correction to the teams in the field. That is especially true if key decisions require the involvement of the highest levels of the project management structure, such as the steering committee. Successfull business outcomes don’t correlate well with communication delays.

To mitigate this risk, it is a good practice to break down the rollout into several intermediate deliverables that are easier to forecast — there are eight different ones in the worldwide deployment plan for Renault PRO+, you can read the customer testimonial here. Then you must automate information flows as much as possible.

3. Automate project data updates

By using the One2Team project management solution, local project managers can report, right into their task list, their level of confidence that each task will be completed in time. They can easily log start and completion times, update statuses and record any exceptions as they happen on their Slideboard interface. Slideboard is a new way of visualizing complex projects that makes it easier to monitor progress and take effective and fast decisions. For remote teams, One2Team becomes a daily management tool that automatically loads up the week’s plan on their smartphones. This ensures that the steering committee and top management have access, through dedicated dashboards, to the latest, most up-to-date project data in real time. This bird’s eye view allows them to identify risks and intervene immediately. In case a project cannot meet its expected deadlines, the tool allows them to shift resources on the fly to accelerate the pace of other projects in the pipeline and still meet overall objectives.

One2Team Slideboard interface on imap with map

4. Maintain bullet-proof deployment kits

Multi-site deployment projects over distributed network such as a dealership network involve a series of repeatable tasks that must be performed on most if not all job sites. There is a lot to gained, in terms of execution speed and rollout quality, by focusing on deployment kits. Maintaining and distributing accurate deployment kits is critical to the project success and requires tools specifically designed for that. Email and shared drives don’t cut it. The project manager responsible to define each intermediate deliverable can link up to a deployment kit documents such development concepts, employee training materials, processes and punch lists and disseminate information to all projects using the same deployment kit.

Our customers choose One2Team to ensure that their teams have the tool they need to achieve ambitious growth goals, just like Renault Consulting did with their worldwide deployment of Renault PRO+. To prepare a dealership for Renault PRO+ means renovating the space, installing new signage, delivering new furniture, training sales associates and much more. With the help of One2Team, Renault has rolled out PRO+ to nearly 650 dealerships worldwide. Find out more by reading what Christopher Koenig, Head of Strategic Operations Projects had to say about One2Team’s impact. Read the customer testimonial here.


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