In search of a good project management solution? Take two minutes to discover the characteristics that will make all the difference.

In their constant search for improved financial performance, companies advocate efficiency and productivity in their project management. However, many still have room for improvement.

Indeed, to achieve effective and highly productive project management, most advocate inadequate management methods. Recommending the wrong processes reflects a desire to be effective, but without being concerned about the means used. Yet, using the right management tool with the right characteristics can easily help to achieve the desired level of efficiency.

Here are four essential elements to efficient, state-of-the-art equipped project management, that responds to complex issues:

1. Easy to use

the project management solution must be user-friendly. Ease of use is therefore an essential feature of a project management tool to enable all users to do their job, without the tool used being a barrier. Besides, project management is no longer limited to merely equipping the Project Manager, but to equipping all stakeholders involved in the project: Project Managers, operationals, management, vendors, customers… Additionally, the solution should make it possible to display data relevant to the activity specific to each of these players.


2. Real-time

One of the factors/drivers of efficiency at work is the precision and accuracy of the information. Accurate data, updated in real time is essential for managing projects effectively. Whether it’s exchanging notes, schedule changes, or the status of tasks, the information needs to be continuously updated in order to avoid being counterproductive.

3. Collaboration

The project management tool chosen must not only provide opportunities for collaboration, but it also must proactively connect exchanges between users, concepts, and actions. Collaboration enables synergy, because team members can accomplish more things together than each one can do on their own.


4. Implementation speed

Implementing a solution to manage your projects is good. Making it operational quickly is better. Equipping ourselves with a solution that takes time to implement detracts us from our primary goal, which is to improve performance.

These four elements are the characteristics of the ONE2TEAM project management solution: ease of use, real-time data consolidation, the development of collaboration and rapid implementation. Available in SaaS mode, the ONE2TEAM implementation time (between the time of purchase and the 1st use) can be reduced to less than a month, allowing its customers to be operational and benefit from the value of the platform faster. Additionally, ONE2TEAM supports its customers over time by creating a strong link, particularly thanks to its Customer Success Department.

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