In increasingly complex work environments, the use of a collaborative work platform allows you to cut project costs and control your schedule.

Increasingly complex demands!

Technological innovation, the digital revolution and the arrival of disruptive new competitors are intensifying competitive pressures on the market.

In order to keep up with the competition and meet growing customer demands, businesses are forced to increase project numbers all while reducing development time. All this is taking place despite more and more teams being split across multiple sites and engaged in cross-functional projects.

A work platform to manage your project portfolio

In this complex environment, One2Team offers a collaborative platform to ensure and expedite your process execution from beginning to end. All collaborators, regardless of their role, team or department, collaborate in a central work environment with access to the same information, updated in real time.

This new work perspective allows project teams to increase productivity and operations efficiency. It also simplifies teamwide decision-making by live-assembling committees via the platform, and provides a global vision of projects while remaining true to the reality of everyday workflows.

Real benefits for your business

The anticipation of problems and development of action plans translate to a 25% increase in project execution speed.

Direct access for collaborators to update project data and automated spreadsheet consolidation allow you to reduce project reporting time by up to 80%, all while ensuring reliability. By reducing the number of reports and concentrating on developing more important tasks, you can save up to 50% on project management costs.
In digitizing your business methods, the One2Team work platform allows you to focus on the key strategic issues of productivity and efficiency while managing your project portfolio.

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