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In a post-Covid world,  many organizations rely on technology to fully digitalize their business. According to Mc Kinsey, those companies who have made this investment have achieved a 7 to 10 year leap in their digital transformation. In a changing environment, described as uncertain by some, some transformations are more ambitious than others; take for example, the Suez Group’s SPOT 2023 performance plan.

What are the key success factors for those thriving international programs?

In the case of SPOT 2023, which was driven by the One2Team platform: a unique solution aligning strategy and execution to deliver a 1.2 billion € ($1.4 billion) savings over 4 years.

At the end of 2020, Bertrand Camus, CEO of Suez, announced his ambition to make Suez the world leader in environmental services. One of the pillars for this transformation is the SPOT 2023 performance plan, which aims to save €1.2 billion ($1.4 billion) in 4 years. To manage this plan, Suez chose the One2Team platform allowing the top management to simultaneously monitor its deployment and progress as well as providing the means to thousands of local managers to manage their performance actions. The platform is leveraged by more than 4000 local employees and the C-Suite.

All about managing SPOT 2023 in One2Team.

« True to the spirit of Suez since its foundation in 1869, SPOT 2023 is above all a story of ambition and mobilization for performance.

Our ambition is comparable to that of our forebears, who succeeded in the mammoth tasks of building the Suez Canal. This is a great source of inspiration. »

Cédric Schoenecker, Suez Operational Excellence and SPOT 2023 VP

Aligning strategy and execution to deliver a €1.2 billion savings plan over 4 years: the example of SPOT 2023 managed with  One2Team

1. Execution speed

Rapid execution of a transformation project is key. After Suez announced its transformation plan, it did not matter that a global pandemic would hit the world, a few months later. Suez had to deliver.

In February 2020, the project is launched. To lock-in the 2-year objective, teams must quickly identify and deploy the thousands of initiatives to follow.

Suez launches its search for a Strategic Initiatives solution. At the beginning of April, One2Team is unanimously chosen to manage the SPOT 2023 program, its governance and processes and to complete all transformation and performance actions. 4,000 managers worldwide need to be onboarded in the platform in the first 2 years of the international program.

« Not only we needed a tool to do so, but we needed it quickly as we had not time to lose before identifying and deploying the thousands performance actions across all our geographies and activities. »

Cédric Schoenecker, Suez Operational Excellence and SPOT 2023 VP

Within a few weeks, the Suez teams start to use One2Team. The pre-built and modular solution allows One2Team to build the base with which the Suez teams can start working. Simultaneously workshops and trainings are conducted by One2Team’s Consulting and Customer Success teams.

2. A common 360° vision

In less than 8 months, more than 10,000 performance actions have been managed in One2Team by financial controllers, managers and operational staff from all business lines: water, waste, services, etc. Using the same platform, they all described their performance actions with the same words and the same method.

Everyone has access to a 360° view of the portfolio, the projects and the processes on which they need to work.

Hence, strategy is always visible to the operational staff.

In addition, progress and difficulties can be addressed by top management, who can adapt, realign and recommit the entire program as well as all its contributors to the strategy.

User adoption of the platform also reinforced the performance culture driven by SPOT 2023. In response to the continuous requests by new users, regions and business areas provide access to the platform;

« It is the first time we have come together in this way to implement a performance program. We are adopting a culture and language of performance that will serve as a benchmark across the globe. »

Cédric Schoenecker, Suez Operational Excellence and SPOT 2023 VP

3. Mobilization and adoption of the platform

With One2Team, Suez replaced Excel spreadsheets and manual reporting and aligns its managers from all backgrounds around a common culture and a 360° vision with a unique platform.

As a result of taking ownership of their work; , users manage their local  actions as well: 80% of documented  actions come from SPOT 2023, 20% come directly from the field.

The initial target of 4000 Suez users in One2Team is expected to be exceeded before the end of 2021, showcasing adoption of  the platform and therefore of the program itself is a  first success for SPOT 2023 and for the Suez group.

« In the next few months, we expect to double the number of performance actions in One2Team as is it now the single and only tool in Suez to document, manage the performance actions and related implementation progress and benefits. »

Cédric Schoenecker, Suez Operational Excellence and SPOT 2023 VP

Watch the video of Cédric Schoenecker, Suez Operational Excellence & SPOT 2023 VP.

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