The Stage Gate process is celebrating its 40th anniversary! Its creator, Robert G. Cooper, has noticed an evolution of the Stage Gate method over the years in innovative companies and proposes a new, more agile product development system.


Stage Gate: a revolution for product launches

Since the 1980s, the Stage Gate method has proven itself in many organizations. Widely used to support product launches, formalize processes and accelerate time-to-market, the innovation and R&D strategies of major companies such as Bel Group rely on it.

However, this methodology has been criticized for being too linear, rigid, planned and not sufficiently adapted to change and experimentation. In the past 40 years, business practices and markets have evolved considerably with  dispersed teams and hybrid work

In his study What’s Next? After Stage-Gate® Progressive companies are developing a new generation of idea-to-launch processes, Robert G. Cooper draws on his experience and analysis of best practices in project management to develop a new system that goes further than the traditional Stage Gate method: the Triple A System.

The triple A system : Stage gate new generation

This new system keeps the Stage Gate process with alternating work and decision phases. However the process and the key values of the methodology change: they are structured around three key pillars: 1. Adaptability and flexibility, 2. Agility and 3. Acceleration.

1. Adaptability et flexibility

The Triple A system  moves away from the standard product development procedures to spiral or iterative development, based on experimentation. The method adapts to each development approach, which has its own stages and deliverables.

2. Agility

This new system includes some of the concepts of the agile method, notably sprints and scrums, with a lean structure and deliverables that can be presented to the customer (internal or external) at each stage.

3. Acceleration

Acceleration of product development is at the heart of this new system, with an emphasis on resource management, cross-functional projects and clarity in defining the scope and risks of each project. To achieve this, the method has to be supported by a robust IT system that enables project execution to be monitored.

One2Team: a platform that combines structure and agility for all your projects

For more than 20 years, One2Team has been supporting numerous customers in their innovation, development and product launch processes, such as Bel, large pharmaceutical and cosmetic groups. Our solutions enable them face new business challenges and adopt new hybrid work methods. The New Product Innovation solution combines the agility of One2Team with the Stage Gate methodology for an optimal result for our customers.

New Product Innovation: a pre-built, modular solution to accelerate your Time-to-Market

One2Team provides its customers with the New Product Innovation solution: pre-built, it enables rapid deployment and accelerated adoption by teams. Being modular, it adapts to your needs, your products, and your unique business requirements.Adept at hybrid work, One2Team bridges the gap between a robust and secure process and the agility and modularity to manage all your projects with your own methodologies and allows you to :

  • Secure the management of your Stage Gate process
  • Optimize resources
  • Accelerate delivery and anticipate delays

To learn more, contact us for a demonstration of the New Product Innovation solution!

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