« Our ambition was to deploy 80% of performance actions within the first 2 years to lock the full benefits by end of 2023 »

Cédric SchoeneckerSuez Operational Excellence & SPOT  2023 VP

How One2Team helps Suez achieve its 1,2 billion euros Performance Plan?

Fast launch, deployment and adoption

Launch of SPOT 2023 Progamm

One2Team is chosen by operations, purchasing, finance for its up-to-date ergonomics taht allows Suez to concentrate on the configuration and on deploying SPOT 2023.

« We don’t have to spend time on the technical aspect of the tool. »


Implemantation of One2Team

One2Team program is launched in February at global scale, when the global pandemic resulted. Despite the lock-down, workshops are conducted with regions including Chief transformation officers, Performance managers, financial teams making and with the One2Team consulting and customer success teams.

« we are now at the situation when One2Team is the cornerstone solution to steer our transformation »

Launch & end user onboarding over 50 countries

Concretely, more than 10,000 performance actions are managed across all geographies and activities (water, waste or services) around the world.

« Whether they are operational staff, financial controllers or managers, they describe and improve the performance actions using the same words and methods »

One2Team used by the top management and by operationals

One2Team is used by the top management to track the progress of SPOT 2023 and by operationals to manage their local on-going performance actions.

« Every day we receive requests from the regions and business areas to provide access to new users »

Initial estimate to be exceeded by the end of 2021

The number of performance actions in One2Team is expected to double as is it now the single and only tool in Suez to document, manage the performance actions and related implementation progress and benefits.

« The initial estimate of 3.000 to 4.000 users of the solutions may be exceeded by the end of 2021 ».


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Secure the achievement of your savings plans

Match precise and quantitative monitoring of savings with operational follow up of initiatives in your work management platform.

You onboard your different departments in one single environment


Automate bottom up consolidation

Dashboards are powered and controlled in real time: at any time you have a clear and real vision of progress made in savings achievement.

Eliminate Excel reporting differents and reporting delays by automatically collecting and concatenating datas.

Enhance finance and business collaboration

Guarantee data consistency by managing a single system of records shared by Finance and initiative owners: objectives, forecasts, results, initiatives, risks, for each entity and each workstream. Quickly identify objectives at risk, entities requiring close monitoring and workstreams that are behind schedule.

« And for Suez, remember, this is only the second time in the history of Suez that we deploy an IT solution worldwide »

Cédric Schoenecker

Suez Operational Excellence & SPOT 2023 VP, Suez

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