Implementing strategic initiatives

At Sciforma, we believe that the PMO or EPMO (a PMO at the enterprise level) should lead change.

Why? Because projects have always been and still are the agents of change in an organization. You need projects and programs to implement a strategic initiative, to deliver a new service internally, to bring a new product to market. PMOs are ideally positioned to take on this leadership role and drive change within their organization since they provide a central hub for PPM across the business. In particular, EPMOs enjoy a complete view on the organization’s projects, programs and portfolios and can ensure that resources are allocated in the most strategic way. They can also make sure they prioritize projects that deliver maximum value against strategic objectives.

PMOs and EPMOs can leverage the benefits of Sciforma PPM

Data Visibility Via Centralization

The first benefit of a PPM system like Sciforma is data visibility via centralization in the cloud. This provides the ePMO with a single version of truth and enables them to have a clear view of all projects, resources, budgets, costs, and activities across departments. As a result, the PMO can make better, quicker decisions with real-time, reliable, consolidated data  and can offer guidance to decision makers.

Optimize Project Selection

One of the biggest challenges for companies is to avoid investing in non-value or low-value projects, or projects not aligned with your strategic goals. This is where we witness the biggest ROI for Sciforma’s clients. With the demand management and portfolio simulation functionalities, you will be able to optimize project selection. With such a system in place, a PMO can score and rank proposals based on multiple selection criteria, including strategy alignment

Premier Tools for PMOs

Of course, a PPM system to function correctly must provide your project managers with the tools they need to plan and monitor their projects, whatever the methodology of choice. You want your project managers to stop using excel or other tools to provide you with the data you need. That’s why in Sciforma we offer project managers the opportunity to plan their projects in their methodology of choice.

Elevating Productivity & Efficiency

Finally, with a PPM software like Sciforma, a PMO can increase productivity and efficiency by automating and expediting tasks. Our users notice a 25% average reduction in project management time performing non-value added tasks.

Sciforma covers all critical capabilities for PMOs and EPMOs

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“Another purpose of increased resource visibility was to improve the project demand/intake process and project selection. Any demand that makes enough sense to evolve into a business case is submitted to the approval of a biannual strategic IT committee, created by the PMO team. This steering committee needed reliable data – whether projections or actuals – to perform trade-offs and prioritize projects against resource availability.”

Christophe Lejeune, PMO


“Upon joining Bioaster in 2013, Carole Leroy drew up specifications that would be used to identify a project and portfolio management (PPM) solution. The PPM tool would be used throughout multiple phases, beginning with the evaluation and selection of projects.”

Carole Leroy, PMO


“Aubert & Duval also needed a system to collect and consolidate project demand in order to anticipate resource needs and adjustments of in-flight and upcoming projects.”

Arnaud Montels, PMO Manager - Aubert Duval