Strategic Initiatives - Performance Plan

A dedicated solution to plan and track the achievement of your cost reduction plans:

savings plans, post-merger integration operations, performance plans, operational excellence initiatives…
Monitor the execution of your initiatives and the achievement of savings and synergies

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Customized solution and ready to use in 3 weeks

Secure the achievement of your savings plans

Match precise and quantitative monitoring of savings with operational follow up of initiatives in your work management platform.
You onboard your different departments in one single environment:
departments, Financial department, Performance / Operational excellence department, Transformation office.


Automate bottom up consolidation

Dashboards are powered and controlled in real time: at any time you have a clear and real vision of progress made in savings achievement.
Eliminate Excel reporting differents and reporting delays by automatically collecting and concatenating datas.

Enhance finance and business collaboration

Guarantee data consistency by managing a single system of records shared by Finance and initiative owners: objectives, forecasts, results, initiatives, risks, for each entity and each workstream. Quickly identify objectives at risk, entities requiring close monitoring and workstreams that are behind schedule.

Multi-dimensional plan monitoring

Monitor the achievement of your objectives by workstream, functional entity or geographical area.

Instantly identify forecasted benefits at risk.

Provide each manager with customized dashboards.


Definition of objectives


Define your OPEX benefit objectives per year and per entity.

Track the CAPEX and OPEX to be invested on each initiative.

Reconcile top-down vision with bottom-up consolidation.




Forecast and benefit tracking

Track your OPEX benefits per fiscal year.

Make your objectives reliable by easily updating your multi-year forecasts.

Automatically report results, forecast and actual differences for each initiative.

Risks and action plans management

Track a multi-criteria risk management with:

a sharp eye on the most critical initiatives,

a focus on initiatives with highest potential on which to focus your efforts.

Operational vision

Complete the financial vision with an operational follow-up of each manager’s action plans.

Give each manager the levers to achieve savings in their department or entity.

Get the performance plan community into one single digital workspace.


Way2Success* allows us to monitor our Transformation plan as accurately as possible. Thanks to the platform, we can structure the objectives and the work plan of our various sites as well as monitor the progress of projects (both in terms of implementation and cost optimization).

* Way2Success is the name given to One2Team by Carrefour.

Francesca Grieco

Former Strategic Planner Head, Carrefour

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