Operations Digitalization

A solution dedicated to Operational Departments to secure the execution and management of multi-team transversal processes in an easy-to-use work environment.
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Accelerate the execution of your processes

Execute faster by making all the actors of your transversal processes work
on the same highly ergonomic digital work platform.


Make your processes reliable with a single source of truth

Industrialize the execution of your transversal processes thanks to a library of kits and templates (calendars, processes, retro-planning, dependencies, deadlines, etc.). Centralize 100% of the information in a single ergonomic digital space: schedules, alerts, problems, corrective action plans, etc. Manage your operations from dashboards that reflect the reality of your operations in real time.

Become more productive through more efficient work

Benefit from a 360° view of the closing process: tasks, alerts, dates, status, documents… in a single platform. View your dynamic to-do list updated in real time, and collaborate directly in the tool (discussion threads, notifications, documents…). Animate your operational meetings directly in the platform, without producing PPT or XLS files.

Manage your “to do”

Manage your “to-do” list, instantly view overdue tasks or dependencies, easily update information with drag & drop

Access a 360° view of your tasks in one place: status, alerts, documents, discussion threads, prerequisites / successors, …

Manage your team’s activity

Instantly view your team’s task list, tasks on alert, people with overload or with availability

Easily drag & drop new tasks, reassign tasks individually or in bulk

Facilitate your progress monitoring meetings in the platform, without preparing a Powerpoint and by directly creating the new tasks decided upon

Manage the end-to-end execution

Analyze consolidated dashboards in real time separately from the actual progress status of tasks

Freely create dynamic multi-criteria views to review milestones and open points in the various progress monitoring committees

Identify scheduling inconsistencies with the consolidated planning view, simulate possible delays and predict impacts



Standardize your workflow 

Structure your processes in the form of ready-to-use kits including milestones, tasks, dependencies, typical deadlines

Automate task sequences and work distribution

Easily visualize the structuring of a process in the form of a schedule “


“The tool has saved us time in preparation and quality on scheduling, which has allowed us to free up time on other subjects. Among the benefits obtained, we have also gained in responsiveness in terms of meeting objectives in terms of closing entries. As business line management, we can adapt it to the needs of users, which is a major benefit.”

Excerpt from Le Monde Informatique, October 3rd 2018 CNP Assurances manages their closing process in a collaborative mode - Interview of Mickael Gonzales, Head of Finance Process Optimization, CNP Assurances.

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One2Team is the Saas platform that helps companies to increase collective performance, onboarding all populations into a single digital workplace integrated with collaborative and business solutions and giving a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process anyone need to focus on to Deliver Work and Projects.




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