New Product Innovation

The idea-to-launch solution to invest in the best innovations and trim your time-to-market.
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Reduce the Time-to-Market of Your Best Ideas

Deploy a pre-configured, proven framework for product launches to choose the right innovations, accelerate time-to-market and
best manage launch execution. Win against disruption using all of your enterprise muscle.

Open Innovation Management

Engage the entire company ecosystem to identify and develop the best ideas. One2Team enables employees, partners and suppliers to submit new ideas and quickly develop the most promising ones, facilitating their prioritization and early assessment.

Idea-to-Launch Acceleration

Maximize quality and accelerate product portfolio development with agile collaboration. With automated project data consolidation, rapid feedback and real-time portfolio tracking, One2Team shortens the time it takes to move new products through development.

Optimal Market Execution

Reduce market launch risks and achieve targets with real-time work management. Real-time alerts, parallel task management and live monitoring empower teams to track milestones across silos, ensure supply chain performance and react to early market data.

Maximized Portfolio ROI

Harmonize entire product portfolios, success measures and processes across brands, product lines, enhancements and markets. Improve resource allocation and investment across R&D portfolios with real-time data, drill-down dashboards and pipeline-wide analytics.


New Product Innovation: The Case for Collaboration

New product innovation is the lifeblood of business growth and longevity. Markets today are more competitive and more prone to disruption than ever. Companies must continuously invest in innovation and need to generate positive returns faster. 

See How Enterprise Work Management Can Secure your New Product Innovation

One2Team’s Workspaces are designed to fit everyone’s needs, from the executive preparing his next board meeting to the manager assigning and guiding projects. Whether it’s cutting time-to-market or improving cost & performance across the globe, we’ve got you covered.

One2team is the must-have tool to accelerate our innovations. It helps us manage our projects more efficiently because the information is harmonized, centralized and accessible to everyone, whether they’re in the plant, at headquarters or working at one of our subsidiaries.

One2Team makes working in project teams simpler and easier, so we can foster collaboration and synergy among our teams, especially across the marketing, R&D and manufacturing teams.

Chantal Cayuela

VP Research & Innovation, Bel

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One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.


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