New Product Innovation (NPI)

A solution made for R&D and Marketing departments to manage new product innovation, development, and launch processes from end-to-end.


Accelerate your innovation time-to-market

Gain efficiency at every stage of the product innovation, development and launch process by allowing your
R&D, Purchasing, Marketing, Manufacturing, and Quality teams to work together in a single platform.

Optimize your stage gate process tracking

Industrialize your stage-gates by defining the deliverables to be analyzed, the criteria to be respected, and the validations to be obtained. Animate your meetings directly in the platform for real-time decision making. Save time by plotting additional points to be treated and directly assigning corresponding actions. Stop producing PowerPoints and eliminate meeting minutes by sharing information directly from the platform.

Anticipate delays in the execution of your projects

With a dynamic 360-degree view of your projects, identify overdue dependencies, risks of budget overruns, and pending key decisions. View the list of alerts raised by the project team. Manage your action plans in the platform by directly feeding the contributors’ to-do lists and follow their execution in real time.

Ideation and Qualification

Centralize and structure the creation of all new projects (new products, renovations, regulatory adaptations, etc.)

Qualify your backlog of innovations and manage your portfolio according to your business challenges

Assign and track the necessary actions to process files

Stage Gate Validation

Standardize your evaluation processes for a more rigorous decision making process

Centralize all the information needed to pass a gate (deliverables, budgets, open points, change requests…)

Track validations, reserves, feedback and additional actions

Project Execution

Automatically produce your project schedules from pre-defined kits according to the type of project

Each employee works from his dynamic, updated to-do list

Gain efficiency by facilitating team meetings and assigning tasks in the platform

R&D Governance 

Define your budgets and track resource allocation

Facilitate your stage-gates, portfolio reviews and project reviews directly in One2Team

Track decisions made and assign actions in real time

Innovation Portfolio Management 

Analyze your portfolio by gate, market, brand, category…

Jointly steer operational and financial implementation

Quickly identify delays and budget overruns, set up action plans


New Product Innovation: The Case for Collaboration

New product innovation is the lifeblood of business growth and longevity. Markets today are more competitive and more prone to disruption than ever. Companies must continuously invest in innovation and need to generate positive returns faster. That is why we believe that cross-functional and agile collaboration is the critical enabler of new product innovation and can make the difference between success and failure in research, development and even the marketing launch of new products.

One2Team helps us manage our innovation projects more efficiently because the information is harmonized, centralized and accessible to everyone, whether they’re in the plant, at headquarters or working at one of our subsidiaries. One2Team makes working in project teams simpler and easier, so we can foster collaboration and synergy among our teams, especially across the marketing, R&D and manufacturing teams.

Managers can also easily access their project portfolios in One2Team. They can verify in real time whether their portfolio is up-to-date, see what should be prioritized and where to focus teams’ efforts and resources on the Group’s strategic projects.

Chantal Cayuela

VP Research and Innovation, Bel

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