Manage the Most Complex Deployments

You must deliver continuous, large-scale network deployment waves expected as technology progresses. Our enterprise work management platform is the solution that upgrades your operational excellence so you gain time-to-market with the same resources.
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Telecoms must meet public commitments, and our successful track record of 4G, 4G+ and FTTH deployments drives faster time-to-market and greater cost efficiencies for critical rollouts like IoT, 5G, and Lora. With One2Team, you:

Provide appropriate expert workspaces, yet connect work across silos
Boost execution through secure collaboration across the ecosystem
Control costs by driving process and communication efficiencies
Drive scheduling, milestones, deliverable changes, and risk alerts to solve issues faster
Establish benchmarks and baselines, and monitor progress
Consolidate reliable data from various internal and specialist tools

Managing Complexity

One2Team can be configured for different types of fixed or mobile sites, characteristics, and technologies revisions for access networks, links or core networks. One2Team coordinates across sites, technologies and geographies –with specificity to each site, program, project and task set. One2Team is also designed to manage a large number of stakeholders (across roles, teams and companies) and to track their specific priorities, tasks and deliverables.

Build a Data Factory

Teams and 3rd parties use their own tools, deliverable systems and processes, creating silos and errors. To drive consistency and oversight, companies need to establish a central repository for documents, conversations, data and processes. One2Team provides:

A Single Source of Truth

Gain a 360 view of real-time, integrated, accurate data

The Ability to Manage Processes

Define, integrate and easily replicate workflows

High Scale

Support large volumes of data, users and transactions as well as synchronize across multiple systems

A Holistic Data Model

From clients to 3rd parties, align portfolios, programs, projects, phases, activities, tasks, checklists, milestones, and progress updates

Security and Confidentiality

Restrict use through role-based access rights

How One2Team Empowers Companies to Win

One2Team’s adaptable data model and configurable user interfaces create a role-based experience so each stakeholder gets their work done, collaborates across silos and quickly accesses the information they need for business success.

Empower Everyone

The most flexible platform designed for agility yet configured to your needs

Break Silos

Collaborate through a digital inventory that contains all the context you need

Gain X-ray, 360-degree Oversight

Know what’s really happening with every project & team

One2Team Offers an Adaptable Platform

One2Team provides a multi-function platform that can manage Project and Portfolio Management (PPM), New Product Launches, Strategic Initiatives and Deployments.

Panoramic Project Views

  • Operational views to manage delivery
  • Invoice views to reconcile project information and procurement
  • Cost management / health KPI views combining financials and project data
  • ROI and strategic alignment views to track progress and performance against business objectives
  • Views to align deployment processes and incorporate 3rd party benchmarking

Role-based and Secure

  • Global infrastructure. Cloud-based, centralized, enterprise-grade. Trusted Data Center, redundancy, global access, encryption, single sign-on
  • Highly configurable to every stakeholder requirement: role-based interfaces & workflows
  • Consolidated data, documents and processes for all deliverables
  • High-performance data engine with integration to back-end databases and ERPs
  • Ability to provide access to 3rd party, securely
  • Integrated with built-in, contextual collaboration, conversation tracking & whiteboards

X-ray Oversight

  • Executive views by product, product line, team or organization
  • Project and portfolio views provide oversight, but can get specific to take action
  • Performance tracking with analytics provided by One2Team Cockpit® reporting
  • Track execution on portfolio with drillable and actionable data, alerts
  • Continuous, automated reports based on up-to-date, relevant data

You're on the way to transforming the way you work.

Leading enterprises trust One2Team with their most critical transformation initiatives and projects.

One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.



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