Hervé LAUMONIER, the founder of One2Team, welcomes Michel Paulin, OVHcloud CEO, to celebrate the 1-year anniversary of the platform deployment within OVHcloud, with their respective teams. OVHcloud, European cloud leader, is managing and governing its strategic programs and initiatives with One2Team.

The One2Team platform was initially designed for the IT departments and, was quickly extended to the Industry and Product Business Units within OVHcloud. It will cover all departments soon. The OVHcloud server has become the cloud service provider for One2Team’s European clients. Together, we have recently celebrated our 1-year anniversary of the O2T and OVH partnership.

Hello Hervé, LAUMONIER. We are celebrating the first year of One2Team deployment at OVHcloud, which also happens to be the Cloud provider and partner of One2Team. Can you tell us more about the OVHcloud-One2Team partnership?


“First of all, this partnership is a great pride for One2Team and for me. OVHcloud is a leader in cloud hosting and related services. OVHcloud has a number of challenges as a global player, such as experiencing hypergrowth, i.e. double-digit growth and OVH leaderships plan is not only to maintain its growth but to continue to accelerate it. OVHcloud  relies on our platform and our pre-built solutions. In 3 weeks, we can deploy a solution, encourage adoption and track the platform use. This is something that brings a lot of value to fast-growing companies like OVHcloud, for whom we support the governance set up by Michel Paulin, and a way of scaling and keeping up with this unbridled growth they have. And we are very proud to contribute to that.

One2Team deployment in different Business Units (BUs) has been extremely fast and now allows OVHcloud to have standardization of its processes. There is a good reason the tagline of the deployment was “fast and furious”. So, it’s a great success for us. With our Platform to Deliver Work and Projects, we can accelerate delivery and be the backbone of end-to-end collaborative processes, whether in R&D, IT, or Strategic Initiatives


Our second source of pride is that we are also an OVHcloud client, all of One2Team’s European production has migrated to OVHcloud infrastructures. This allows One2Team to offer our clients the best sovereignty of their data, and a hyper robust solution to support our growth.”

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So, OVHcloud and One2Team are each other’s clients and providers. Can you tell us more about the Open Trusted Cloud partnership Open Trusted Cloud?

“The Open Trusted Cloud partnership is a great initiative! We are very happy to have joined this partnership. OVHcloud’s goal is to promote the power and value of tech companies in France and Europe. I agree with Michel Paulin: we really have nothing to be ashamed of with our European Tech companies. OVHcloud offers an incredibly innovative solution, the Open Trusted Cloud ecosystem will unite them together they can be even more powerful. Developing French and European Tech is fundamental for our economic fabric and for the future: it is the same ambition as creating unicorns in France.” 


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“What value does One2Team bring to this ecosystem?


“One2Team is a Platform of Work & Projects that accelerates the delivery of end-to-end business processes. It allows the different users to work peacefully individually, but also as a team, and allows C-Levels to have a 360° view on what is happening in their company to make faster decisions and to ensure alignment with the strategy; and since we live in a changing world, our signature is: “the way to work in a hybrid world!”

Our One2Team platform helps companies through the post-Covid era. This crisis has introduced irreversible changes with the development of remote work, that most companies have adopted, and it has also introduced the development of hybrid work. » 

Hybrid work: is having employees and managers in the same company who work for some 100% remotely, while others will come to the office every day and some others, a few days a week. It results in an organization where we can no longer have all employees on site simultaneously. This mode of work and organization raises questions:


– How to manage these teams that are never complete on-site?

– How to adapt offices, make them attractive, and encourage employees to come?

– How to preserve company culture, and how will this culture evolve?

– And finally, as organization, how to remain efficient in this new way of working?


Hybrid work raises issues of management and culture, but also governance and stratégic alignment.”

So Hervé, how can One2Team help organizations remain efficient in this new way of working?


“Managing a completely dispersed team is different from managing an on-site team. Within the hybrid approach, it becomes more difficult to have complete teams, and if they are complete, they may not be complete at the same time as the other teams, so silos are re-created.

To avoid the “coffee machine phenomenon”, where information circulates informally and partially, companies need more standardization. It is becoming fundamental to give a central place to processes and documentation, to build a common repository, and allow information to be fully shared in a hybrid world.

And this is where One2Team helps companies, with our platform, since our business is to synergize people and teams working remotely. It is a critical point, with dispersed teams: by giving them a common repository where all the data will be centralized and shared by all users. It also enables more transparency and more sharing. The idea is to decompartmentalize teams and individuals so that together they can deliver better, make decisions sooner, and align themselves with the strategy. The value of our platform is that processes transparently evolve over time and are reflected in One2Team in real time, as in the daily life of each user.”


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With this dispersion of individuals and the mixed presence of teams in this hybrid mode, how does the corporate culture get transmitted? Can the One2Team platform help spread this culture?


“I’ll tell you what one of our very first clients told me: “Giving access to the One2Team platform is also giving a team jersey.” I’m part of a team, I’m part of a community, I’m part of the network, I have access to information, I can contribute, I see how others contribute, and it makes my job easier.


This helps defend and spread corporate culture, but also a culture of results and commitment.


With the Covid crisis, companies must digitize all their end-to-end collaborative processes even more than before. It is critical to do this with a platform that is not isolated but integrated with company tools, such as Microsoft Teams, or ERP, Business Intelligence solutions… This ability to connect is key for One2Team: our product teams worked on this very early to remove all difficulties with our API studio, which allows a very quick integration.

My vision, is that companies are moving towards platforms as they multiply SaaS solutions. They need to rationalize their costs, of course, but also to have common repositories for different teams. Our Platform to Deliver Work & Projects, with its different solutions, meets very different challenges in the company. One2Team becomes the platform onboarding all employees. It is at the center of the company: it allows CEOs and C-levels to meet their collaboration and cross-functional value chain challenges throughout the company. Thus, it helps to spread the strategy and culture of the company.” 

“Giving access to the One2Team platform is also giving a team jersey.”

Thank you for this discussion, Hervé, do you have anything to add?

“I would like to say, I am extremely proud of all our teams and for the commitment that I see every day. I have observed our ability to mobilize and solve crises and to bring value to our clients. This first year pride that this anniversary brings is a testiment to the success and value that One2Team brings to our clients daily. How we make clients and users lives easier, how we support  client growth The OVHcloud partnership is fabulous, so I want to thank all the teams for all the work done.


And finally, my personal pride is, of course, our product, but it is above all the result it generates delighted customers.


We have aOne2Team team that is happy to come to work. Which also allows me for 21 years to be very happy in this challenging environment, which continues its product evolution, and to be highly motivated, as on the first day, so thank you all!”

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Who is One2Team: The One2Team SaaS platform helps companies to increase their collective performance by integrating all populations in a single workspace with collaborative and business solutions, thus providing a 360° view of the portfolios, projects, and processes on which everyone must focus to deliver work and projects. For more than 20 years, it has supported customers such as Suez, Bel, OVHcloud, Huawei, HyperloopTT, SFR, Spire Energy, Orange, Club Med, TotalEnergies, and Naos in their project management, initiatives, or transformation projects. For more information, visit


Who is OVHcloud: OVHcloud is a global player and Europe’s leading cloud provider operating over 400,000 servers within 33 data centers across four continents. For 20 years, the Group has relied on an integrated model that provides complete control of its value chain–from the design of its servers, to the construction and management of its data centers, including the orchestration of its fiber-optic network. This unique approach allows it to independently cover all the uses of its 1.6 million customers in more than 140 countries. OVHcloud now offers its customers latest-generation solutions combining performance, price predictability and total sovereignty over their data to support their growth in complete freedom. For more information, visit

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