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Ensure enterprise-wide adoption and success with operational excellence insights and agile professional services.
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Unlock value and improve operational excellence

Our experts, with 20 years of best practices, are here to help you find the perfect process for you. Knowing by heart the use cases for each solution, they will accompany you to deploy One2Team in your company in 3 or 5 weeks.

Agile Project Management at the Core

Our implementation methodology relies on agile and lean project management concepts.  We’ve seen the benefits to visibility, quality, speed and revenue first hand. We adapt the solution to your industry, governance, and organization while bringing you the most from of our experience of seeing first hand what works and what does not in project management.

Proven Adoption, True Collaboration

There’s a reason why Gartner repeatedly points to One2Team the buyer’s choice for collaboration. We know that the real benefit any solution might provide depends on how much it is really used. All our metrics track adoption and we put project contributors’ collaboration at the core of our deployments. That’s what makes the One2Team platform extraordinary: all project info is based on troves of real time-data from all the right contributors.

Our deployment strategy

Before generalizing the chosen solution to all users, we prefer to validate the use cases together with a part of the population.

During this period of 3 to 5 weeks, our consulting teams recommend best practices in terms of management, train administrators with dedicated trainings and adjust the solution according to customer feedback.

50+ Deployments per Year

Our implementation approach and solution sets are built from 15 years of experience deploying project and program management cloud innovative solutions to our clients. We do over 50 deployments worldwide of One2Team every year.

A packaged implementation

The mission of our consulting team is to implement your solution in the best conditions, taking into account the specificities of each of our customers:

  • Number, type, and geographical location of users,
  • Functional scope of the chosen solution,
  • Level of maturity in project portfolio management.

Based on these indicators, the consulting team recommends one of our 2 packs:

  • The STARTER PACK, with a 3-week start-up period.
  • The ACCELERATION PACK, with a 5-week start-up period.

Curious about how mature your work in project and program management is?

One2Team is the Saas platform that helps companies to increase collective performance, onboarding all populations into a single digital workplace integrated with collaborative and business solutions and giving a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process anyone need to focus on to Deliver Work and Projects.




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