Ransomware, phishing, cyber attacks, not a week goes by without an attack making the headlines! As work organization changes, with mixed situations between remote and face-to-face work, companies are adopting a hybrid work mode and accelerating their digitalization. In this context, security is an even more important issue. 

Since its creation, One2Team has placed security at the heart of its practices and developments to enable its customers to work more serenely: their work platform is safe and secure, whether they are in the office, on the road, or in the home office. To guarantee its compliance with best practices, One2Team has undergone the certification exercise of the international reference standard, ISO 27001.

One2Team has just successfully renewed its ISO/IEC 27001 certification dedicated to information systems security. Here is a look at this new 3-year cycle and One2Team’s much broader actions in the field of security.

An international standard for enhanced security

This internationally recognized standard allows organizations to ask themselves the right questions. (…) Depending on the answers, the organization will implement appropriate actions. Thus, it will defend itself in the best possible waysays François Lorek, AFNOR auditor, leader of the international working group “Security Control and Services” within ISO and director of TRAX, digital compliance agency, a specialist in cybersecurity compliance, who assists One2Team in its certification process. 

One2Team has called upon AFNOR Certification as an accredited body, to obtain the renewal of its ISO 27001 certificate. This new cycle renews for 3 years the previous certificate already obtained by One2Team in 2018. It ensures that One2Team’s Information Security Management System (ISMS), platform, and security processes remain compliant.

ISO 27001 compliance allows companies to analyze, model, treat and control the risks they may face. It also enables them to identify the actions to be taken quickly in the event of a threat and to ensure the effectiveness of control and planning processes. While the first certification allowed One2Team to ensure the conformity of its existing processes, this second certification reinforces One2Team’s quality and security approach. It allows One2Team to confirm the conformity of its continuous improvement processes.

Certification alone does not guarantee complete invulnerability, but it does provide knowledge and control of existing risks and ensures continuous improvement. By anticipating the actions to be taken in case of a threat, IT teams are prepared to face it and the undesirable effects are limited. 

Security, One2team’s DNA

One2Team goes beyond ISO 27001 certification to protect its customers’ solutions. In addition to the annual audit linked to the certification and the renewal audit every three years, the IT Security teams ensure the availability, confidentiality, and integrity of One2Team’s data and services daily. 

Beyond this certification, One2Team can rely on its Platform to Deliver Work & Projects to manage its security.

One2Team’s Platform to Deliver Work and Projects is used by IT Security teams to manage the security of One2Team and its customers. It allows them to easily manage all security-related tasks, actions, and projects. The IT Security team relies directly on the platform’s functionalities to control the compliance of its data and its usage at any time, in detail.

The One2Team platform is the company’s Information Security Management System (ISMS). It provides the IT Security team with a real-time, end-to-end view of all actions taking place in the enterprise. Thanks to the platform, IT Security teams can collaboratively manage alerts, tasks, control actions, planning, and continuous improvement actions in a single workplace. The platform allows complete traceability and visibility on the status of ongoing actions and any alerts or malfunctions. With it, security is managed daily, continuously, and in an integrated manner across all businesses.

This process and security work began 20 years ago, at the very foundation of One2Team, and continues today with the vigilance and work of the developer and DevOps teams!

Contributors: David Blavier – François Lorek

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