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TRJ Telecom specializes in the deployment, modernization and maintenance of telecommunications systems, specifically fiber optic networks. The company has rapidly staked its ground as an emerging leader in the industry, and their clientele now includes all major telecommunications companies in Canada. They have experienced tremendous growth over recent years. As a result, their number of projects and project types have increased as well, and their original tools and processes were no longer well-adapted. They needed to develop a new way of working to stay productive and keep all of their clients happy and satisfied.


Industry: Telecommunications

Size: 600 employees



Rapid growth driving a dramatic increase in project volume and project types
Visibility into project portfolio to better communicate project status with clients
Accelerate reporting process and have access to real-time data
Save time through creation of project templates

The One2Team difference

Upon completion of their RFP process, TRJ chose One2Team as its new project management solution. Their ultimate goal: to improve productivity so as to better satisfy their clients.

As a network service provider for some of the largest telecommunications operators in North America, TRJ is constantly updating their clients on the status of every project. For these reports, the team largely relied on Excel files and dashboards. While it is hard to quantify just how many hours went into updating these Excel spreadsheets across all teams and departments, the clear result was uniform – this data was not live or accurate. In fact, by the time the report was shared with the client, it was often 24-48 hours behind. Now, with the click of a button, project managers can easily roll up real-time data into a live dashboard to present to their clients. “Customers always ping us to know where we are with their projects. Initially, this would be such a pain to do. Now, with One2Team, we are able to give them a much more accurate project status. Their satisfaction is higher.”

Another one of TRJ’s requirements for this tool was to create project templates for each of their 15+ project types. One2Team’s Project Genius now allows them to create such templates and apply them to any new project, instantly creating all necessary sub-activities required for that project type. Creating a new project with all its tasks used to take project managers upwards of 20 minutes to complete. Now, with One2Team, the same project can be created in 2 minutes, a 90% acceleration.

Their team also underwent administrative training with One2Team consultants, allowing them to be autonomous and create new templates as needed as their portfolio of project types continues to grow.

Adoption of the tool was also made simple through its seamless integration with Praxedo, TRJ’s field management system. Despite the change in system, field technicians were able to manage operations the same while yet have these updates automatically rolled up to the One2Team platform. As there are over 400 field technicians, avoiding any additional training saved the company more time.

I was impressed by the way One2Team displays a project’s information. The user experience in O2T is really great, it’s well done. Everything about it is really clear. Finding information is a lot easier than in previous platforms, and probably a lot of other platforms.

Mikhaël Bélanger

It Director, TRJ Telecom


  • Improved customer satisfaction 100% 100%
  • Ability to support larger scale of projects and data 100% 100%
  • Access to real-time data and automated reporting 100% 100%
  • Time savings through creation of project templates 100 % 100 %
  • Seamless integration with field management system 100% 100%

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