Paris City Government

Improved operational efficiency and higher level of consistency from one project to another


Paris City Government’s portfolio gathered 380 business applications, with 60 active projects managed simultaneously by 90 external vendors located on several sites. There clearly was a lack of visibility as the organisation struggled in managing crossfunctional projects.

Industry: Government

Solution: IT PPM

Number of users 1,250


Business Challenges

Increase visibility of projects for all business applications


Foster a culture of information sharing, visibility and accountability


Harmonize project management methods


Measure project KPIs


With One2Team, we have for the first time a clear view on cross-functional projects. For information sharing and best practice sharing, One2Team has allowed us to improve our overall efficiency and brought a higher level of consistency from one project to another.

Isabelle Poulet

Director of Project Development, Paris City Hall


Nimbler Project Management

  • The organization can start projects much faster than before.
  • It can easily manage project budgets with real-time data.
  • It can design and manage cross-functional action plans.
  • Stakeholders improved their task management capabilities.
Full Visibility on Portfolio and Business Applications

  • Management tracks KPIs for all projects in real time.
  • The organization manages alerts more effectively.
  • Teams collaborate effectively on cross-functional plans.

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One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.



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