Accelerate the Post-Merger Integration process with One2Team

M&A initiatives often fail due to poor project governance and lack of alignment. See how agile collaboration and real-time visibility can help you achieve the results you envisioned.

Define new rules

M&A initiatives often fail due to a lack of alignment. Teams have different prerequisites to start a project and missing information might delay product launches. Working on a common platform with a shared project template and prefilled cards with information and tasks for the right people ensures that teams can focus on executing better.

Create bridges between processes

Teams across different companies have radically distinct processes. Our work management platform can create bridges between those people just by allowing them to pick a specific way of managing a task, then syncing it into one and only end-user view.
 One2team also allows companies to map their different processes, decide on which workflows they should keep and instantly replicate that into a single-source-of-truth platform.

Due diligence phase

Even before M&A happens, projects exists. They’re are not launched, but already identified. In a secure, role-based private group, confidential projects can be listed, tracked discussed in order to create financial and operational synergies. Once the merger is actually live, it will only take a few seconds to make all those projects visible to everyone for execution.

Whether you’re looking to increase your market-share, reduce costs, bring in new talent, or gain quick access to new customers, One2Team has the platform and professional services experience to partner for a successful M&A integration. We’ve helped our clients:

  • Track performance & synergies: Working on a common platform with a shared data repository ensures that synergies, benefits, risks, and costs are reliably tracked and consolidated.
  • Increase real-time visibility: No need to wait for reports or updates; you know exactly what your team is working on and can access real-time integrated reports & analytics.
  • Boost productivity and accelerate the integration process: With access to information & data gathered in a single source and in real-time, everyone can execute their work faster and with better insight.

Ready to find out more?

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One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.



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