Stage-Gate Process

The stage-gate model is a process introduced by the Product Development Institute’s Scott Edgett and Robert Cooper, based on their research on patterns of successful and failed new product launches. According to their research group, 70-85% of companies working on product development or innovation now rely on this methodology. One2Team easily adapts to this process.
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A One2Team Slideboard single view of projects & tasks status in stage-gate

While few companies use the exact same stage-gate process, many model theirs after the Procter & Gamble 5-stage model of Discover, Design, Qualify, Ready & Launch with 4 gates between. Here’s an example of stage-gates managed within One2Team’s Kanban environment (Slideboard), with red/yellow/green indicators on status.
For many consumer and life science companies, entry to the stage-gate process itself represents a tremendous level of success. Years of market and consumer research, cross-functional meetings, concept iteration, and other preparation lie ahead of starting stage-gate. Once the steering or validation committee is involved to confirm and validate the gate, the coordination and communication moves to an entirely new level. Data must be coordinated, stored and communicated at the project, team and business level.

A set of innovations managed at a team level against pre-stage-gate criteria.

Before launching in the first stages of innovations, most companies evaluate their ideas and opportunities with a scoring matrix. This matrix goes beyond desirability to forecast both market impact and potential cost and ROI. This preparation helps sort the backlog of innovations to identify the best candidates as early as possible. With 85% of CPG products failing within 2 years, according to Nielsen, budget management is a renewed area of focus.

How does One2Team work with the stage-gate process? We have 15 years of experience with some of the top global consumer brands, working deeply across their ecosystem of departments and vendors to get their innovation and product launches right. For example, we’ve helped:

  • Bic, leading stationery company, centralize real-time data and reduce analysis delays by 75%
  • Bel (Laughing Cow) cut time-to-market in half
  • L’Oreal work with external suppliers to select the best innovations 
  • The 4th largest pharma company ship new products and analyze results
  • The 3rd largest global retailer launch urban markets with branded items

 Our clients track innovations and launches across their own tailored stage gates. Each Slideboard card can be configured to track key stage materials, whether it’s market opportunity validation required by the steering group, budget loops to monitor cost performance, or dozens of other prioritized criteria for each gate.

In addition, each individual card and workspace can be set to specific governance rules and workflows, so that if you work with a vendor or an acquisition company that follows a slightly different process, you can be certain that our Card Genius and Project Launcher features will help keep your process aligned.

These are just a few of the many ways to ensure use of the right stage-gate processes with One2Team’s product and portfolio workspaces. Operationally, the One2Team platform keeps all stakeholders connected, collaborating, and in the same process. Ultimately, by raising risks and working together earlier, clients save up to 30% in time-to-market and other cost savings.

An individual innovation and related details stored in a One2Team Slideboard card.


New Product Innovation: The Case for Collaboration

Are you researching how to evolve your NPI approach? See our ebook on how collaboration is changing the product launch approach.

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