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A unique suite of capabilities to transform the way companies manage all their projects, portfolios and processes!

Entreprise Work Management Platform

Deliver Faster with One2Team


Turn One2Team into your tailored workspace. Every template, dashboard, user profile, workflow or report in our platform is customizable to your needs for you to focus on getting real work done.


One2Team provides a unique Kanban-style SlideBoard™ interface providing users with project details in a single view. Workflows can be adapted to support all agile methodologies.


One2Team’s is dedicated to supporting your growth. As more and more projects and portfolios come in, our highly configurable platform and fully open data model make it possible to add process, business rules and manage high volumes of data and users.

How to deliver faster, more efficiently and with more productivity?


Prioritize requests & projects

Know immediately what request should end up at the top of your priority list. Score project feasibility and impact, monitor budgets against forecast, and track go/no-go decisions all in one place.


Plan ahead

Ensure all projects are on time and resources are used efficiently by planning, managing, and completing projects with real-time data and live report updates. Visualize work progress, track forecasts and budgets, and proactively manage alerts.


Focus on delivery

Everyone wants to contribute their best in their area of expertise. Empower all stakeholders within your company through dedicated workspaces, where all project-related items live. Create views and workflows that fit to each group’s specialization and governance so everyone knows what to focus on, who to work with, and when deliverables are due, avoiding tunnel effect!

Portfolio Management

You want to have a consolidated view on your quantitative and qualitative KPIs and know if you have the capacity to deliver your projects? Piece of cake with One2Team so that you are empowered to act proactively on high-risk projects and make trade-offs aligned with the company’s strategy.


Digitize your governance

Rather than using powerpoint to prepare your project or portfolio meetings, animate them directly in One2Team. You eliminate unnecessary production time and increase efficiency by relying on up-to-date data with “processing by exception”! And thanks to One2Team integration with collaborative tools, combine the best of both worlds!

Ease the pain of reporting

Do you feel uncertain when asked where projects stand? Get the visibility you need instantly, at the depth of detail required. One2Team connects with your preferred external data sources to become your single source of truth. Customize dashboards to watch the right gauges by role, department, and need.

Make decisions faster

Tackle the chaos of getting updates on project status. Get real-time visibility on where important work stands, assess workloads and bottlenecks, and access drill-down information for root cause analysis and data-driven decision making.

Anticipate risks

Set up alerts to anticipate capacity bottlenecks and bring visibility and resources to at-risk tasks. Analyze your projects and to anticipate challenges. Next, you can model and optimize to replicate your successes.

Manage from anywhere

Always be ready on-the-go with the One2Team’s mobile app, whether you’re an executive checking program status or a field operations technician validating a checklist. Both iOS and Android compatible.

Make One2Team your Work Hub

Don’t stop the good work. One2Team natively integrates with all the tools you’re used to work with: unified communications tools as well as Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Microsoft Excel, SAP, and many more.

100% Secured Cloud Platform

Ensure each layer of your data is secure in the cloud with world-class hosting and Encryption at Rest. One2Team’s data layers are separate and role-based which makes requirements like single tenancy arrangements simple, while keeping your data more secure on each layer.

Discover how One2Team can fit your needs

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One2Team is the Saas platform that helps companies to increase collective performance, onboarding all populations into a single digital workplace integrated with collaborative and business solutions and giving a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process anyone need to focus on to Deliver Work and Projects.




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