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We work with both boutique and global management consulting firms to keep transformational business initiatives on track.
One2Team deeply understands the management consulting world. In fact, half of our leadership team has this background. It’s a great pairing to launch our work management software with your extensive strategy expertise. 

Learn about our experience across verticals working with larger groups like Accenture, Boston Consulting Group or CGI to guide businesses through major change. We’ve worked with consultant groups to manage:

  • New product development for Nissan with Renault-Nissan Consulting
  • Performance plan strategies and mergers & acquisitions with various groups
  • IT Project & portfolio management (PPM) for the City of Paris with Accenture & CapGemini
  • Strategic initiatives (digital transformation) for a global grocery chain at the intersection of city stores and supermarkets with Edifixio
  • Field Management strategies for SNEF and TRJ Telecom with Praxedo.

We work with boutique firms to tackle specific markets, or specific problems like European tax management. Our partners benefit from a ready-to-use platform that can be applied to a broad range of customer scenarios while saving costs in software development, implementation and maintenance.

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One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.


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