« With the deployment of the platform across OVHcloud, One2Team is a key point for the cross-functionality essential to ensure visibility and overall consistency on the company’s roadmap. »

Cécile D’Amico
Portfolio Project Manager CIO OVHcloud

How does One2Team support OVHcloud’s hyper-growth with its platform?

OVHcloud, the European leader in cloud services, is experiencing hyper-growth. To support and accelerate this growth, OVHcloud is deploying One2Team throughout its organization to manage its strategic programs.

It started with the Delivery Engagement Program. In less than a year, the solution to manage the first strategic program became the solution to manage all OVHcloud’s strategic programs! Find out how:


In just 3 weeks, the first OVHcloud teams start leveraging One2Team and transfer their project processes directly into the platform. The pre-built and modular solution adapts to the needs of the users by using their own business vocabulary.

In the platform, collaboration and a common repository facilitate the adoption of the OVHcloud project culture and methodology in and beyond the business unit (BU).


Rapid adoption is key because there is a short time window to build roadmaps and meet OVHcloud’s delivery objectives. The choice of One2Team was be partly based on the intuitiveness of the interface and its templates. This facilitates the work of the people who enter information and allows OVHcloud to harmonize and schedule the projects and thus structure the management of its project portfolio.


In 1 year, One2Team will be deployed to the entire IT department, to the entire Product department and to part of the Industry department. One2Team will then be extended to other BUs with different types of projects, some of which are much more industrial with their own methodologies. As a result, one year after the first connection, 75% of OVHcloud projects are managed in One2Team!

How does One2Team contribute to your Delivery and help OVHcloud grow?

The result of this first year is a rapid, fluid deployment, with a very strong appropriation by users and managers.

We are still going to deploy new departments and we know that it will be very fast. This is something that is now anchored at OVHcloud: it goes fast, we are comfortable with this deployment and the support of One2Team helps us to be fast!

Typhaine Abraham

Project Manager, OVHcloud

Today we have reliable roadmaps, we have load plans that allow us to meet the staffing needs of the teams.

We have challenges to continue to integrate the One2Team platform in other parts of the company with different types of projects, and we do not doubt that we can adapt the platform!


Tristan Vuillier

Program Manager, OVHcloud

From my personal experience, I see two particular benefits:

Intuitiveness: I have taken very quickly and easily One2Team in hand. Modularity: the bricks we can take have allowed a very good adoption (…) and we can move forward very quickly according to our needs and the specific needs of the teams.

Noémie Dury

Program Manager Delivery Engagement, OVHcloud

One2Team has enabled us to pass the audit within the framework of the IFRS/IAS38 accounting standard without a hitch, which is a great success for OVHcloud.

One2Team provides us with very good visibility on our activities, portfolio management, and workload plans, especially for identifying team overloads.

Cécile D'Amico

Portfolio Project Manager CIO, OVHcloud

« 75% of OVHcloud’s projects are managed by One2Team and 2/3 of them use a common methodology. This allows us to put in place key performance indicators that enable managers and members of the Executive Committee to better prioritize projects. »

Typhaine Abraham

Projet Manager OVHcloud

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