Our plans

Our plans apply to all our solutions. Select the plan that best suits to the uses of your teams and Departments.
(Why not start with Foundation and then upgrade to Advanced?)

Pre-built and modular
business solutions

Designed to address specifically your business needs & specific process, our solutions are live in 3 weeks with your own business terminology.


All profiles take possession of their new environment and coordinate with a single source of information.

Evolutive multi-solutions

The entire company is embedded in One2Team: a multi-solutions, multi-profile, multi-role platform.









Out of the box boards
Out of the box reports
Out of the box plannings
Document management
Mobile App
Map reportingOptionOptionOption
Storage capacity25 Gb75 GbUnlimited
Staging zoneOptionOption
Advanced Resource ManagementOption

(Generic Resources)


(Individual Resources)


(Individual Resources)

Advanced Budget ManagementOptionOption


Custom fields1050Unlimited
Additional boards110Unlimited
Additional plannings15Unlimited
Custom objects5Unlimited
Report builder for basic reports5Unlimited
Report builder for advanced reports (bi-category,...)3Unlimited
Custom access rights to edit / read data


Kits / Templates210Unlimited
Automatic notifications
Automatic processing (automated calculations, automatic object creation,...)
Conditional forms


Integration with collaborative tools (Teams, Google Apps,...)
Integration flat filesOptionOptionOption
End to end applicative Integration via API (DevOps, ERP, CRM,...)Option

(3 flows)




Highly Secured infrastructure
Encrypted data at restOptionOptionOption
SSO / LDAP integrationOptionOption
IP Filtering
Audits rights1

/engagement period

1 /year
Dedicated encryption key with dedicated databaseOption

Support and Customer success

Customer Success Management1 steerco /year2 steerco /year4 steerco /year
Technical support - one timezone
Technical support - multiple timezonesOptionOption
Customer Advisory Board

Answers to your questions

Do you have professional services?

Yes. Our consultants bring between 5 to 15 years of experience to each project. Our pre-built and modular solutions and zero-coding configuration means that they can focus on matching your business needs and ensuring adoption, not writing one-off engineering code or license-specific rollouts.

How is your pricing structured?

Our pricing varies by selected plan, total license volume, options selected and contract length. Our professional service fees are based on the configuration and integration work to be performed and your training and change management needs.

How long will it take to work with the chosen solution?

Our consulting team is in charge of providing your users with the pre-built and modular solution you have chosen, including transfer of your data, your business vocabulary, your workflows, etc.

We offer 2 packs depending on the number of users, the functional scope of your solution and your level of maturity: the Starter Pack, with a 3-week start-up and the Acceleration Pack, deployed in 5 weeks.


Do you have solution-specific bundles?

Yes. Based on our 20 years of experience, we have created pre-built and modular solutions to address specific business goals and issues faced by each department of the company, complete with embedded best practices and ready-to-use processes, governances, and KPIs. 

What should we expect from rollout?

Our solution rollout does not solely consist of platform configuration and training sessions. We want to ensure smooth implementation, user onboarding, and adoption within your organization. Our Customer Success team partners with you to develop usage and ensure expected value is fully delivered.

Can I grow with One2Team?

As you become more mature in your process and your portfolio management, you can enrich your One2Team packaged solution to leverage highly configuration capabilities of the platform. You can upgrade your plan to expand initial process and onboard new teams, digitalize new process, or add new reports and KPIs.

Our specialists are at your disposal to discuss the offer that suits you best.

Let’s take 15 minutes to discuss it.

One2Team is the Saas platform that helps companies to increase collective performance, onboarding all populations into a single digital workplace integrated with collaborative and business solutions and giving a end-to-end 360-degree view of portfolio, projects and process anyone need to focus on to Deliver Work and Projects.




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