Our Offers

Select the package that best matches your organization’s needs and level of maturity.

Answers to Your Questions

Do you have professional services?

Yes. Our consultants bring between 5 to 15 years of experience to each project. Our zero-coding solution means that they can focus on matching your business needs and ensuring adoption, not writing one-off engineering code or license-specific rollouts.

How is your pricing structured?

Our pricing varies by total license volume, options selection and contract length. Our professional service fees are based on the configuration and integration work to be performed and your training and change management needs.

Great! How do I get started?

First, our product specialists will interview you to best understand your maturity and the specifics of your process and evaluate with you which offer is best applicable to your case. Schedule a call here to start the conversation.  

Do you have solution-specific bundles?

Yes. Based on our 20 years of experience, we have created pre-configured Foundation packages for each of our solutions, complete with embedded best practices and ready-to-use processes, governances, and KPIs. 

What should we expect from rollout?

Our solution rollout does not solely consist of tool configuration and training sessions. We want to ensure smooth implementation, user onboarding, and adoption within your organization. Our Customer Success team partners with you to develop usage and ensure expected value is fully delivered.

Gain Launch Confidence

You’re not alone: no one wants to face a major project with uncertainty. Yet 18% of leaders don’t expect stategic plans to succeed. If it’s your name next to that critical product launch or program initiative, we are here to secure time-to-market and X-ray operational visibility.

One2Team’s work management platform and unique flexibility bring enterprise-wide stakeholders into elegant, agile collaboration.



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