Above, illustration of One2Team’s cockpit. In this example, the PMO has a view of all projects and can track agile transformation over time by comparing the number of projects carried out by methodology.

More companies are turning to One2Team to manage their project portfolios, regardless of the methodology used.
Agile or even Hybrid projects (half Waterfall, half Agile) are still poorly represented because they often operate in silos!

This assessment is clear:

Thanks to Agile companies have gained in speed, flexibility, or continuous improvement, however, they have had to address the “shadow IT” phenomenon, of becoming blind again on deadlines, budget, long term vision…

How did we get there? 

Initially, agile projects were mainly led by development teams and then spread to other teams in different Business Units of the company (marketing, strategy, HR…).

Each team was equipped to execute its agile projects but they were all run in silos. It’s a real black box for the company! Projects have gotten out of control at the macro level and PMOs have lost the overall view of their project portfolio.

As a result, they are looking for ways to regain control while preserving agility at the heart of the way they work!

“ In One2Team, companies rebuilds a 360° view of their multi-methodology project portfolio. By integrating projects carried out in Agile, One2Team helps companies to control them. Because by their very nature, these are projects where there is neither reporting nor medium- / long-term planning, and therefore no forecasting of the use of human and financial resources… “

Agile at Scale is still utopian for many companies

To define the level of maturity of our customers in Agile and to accompany them as well as possible to manage their issues, we have elaborated a multi-level questionnaire.

We noticed that very few of our customers have begun a real transition to Agile at Scale.  Result: the vast majority of companies consulting us are in an agile transition mode to gain in productivity but without any real fundamental transformation plan within their organization. Hence losing on one side what they gain on the other.

They must therefore juggle between teams and projects Agile, Waterfall, Hybrid, both in the execution and organization of projects. While Agile mode is gaining ground, Waterfall mode is still present and therefore Hybrid mode is becoming more widespread.

Agile projects in silos penalize all contributors

Lack of visibility of agile projects creates difficulties for all business lines:

Bringing all teams together on the same platform: a winning bet

One2Team is a platform for all profiles: PMO, project manager, agile team leader, product manager, contributors… to get a 360-degree view of the portfolio, projects, and processes on which everyone works.

One2Team helps its customers by combining all types of project methodologies in a single working environment. Please note that One2Team is not about putting projects in parallel according to their methodologies and re-creating silos! On the contrary, the platform integrates projects completely regardless of the methodology used.

From portfolio consolidation to agile execution  

Few players can offer both a project portfolio consolidation and an agile execution module that can be adapted to all teams.

In our platform, you can directly and easily execute projects in agile mode. Because of the complexity of other tools focusing on IT and reporting available on the market, One2Team meet the needs of the teams looking for simplicity. Thanks to our heritage as a work management player, our interfaces are visual and adapted to the different profiles for easy management in agile rituals execution (backlog review, daily standup, KANBAN…).

Moreover, our platform is integrated with solutions such as Jira or Microsoft DevOps: our customers’ teams continue to work in their own environment, and actions, KPIs, statuses, etc. are automatically updated in One2Team.

Indicators to monitor resources and performance

Decision-makers who favor integration of agile processes and tools into their Project Portfolio Management (PPM) can better analyze performance of their various projects and monitor resources and results.

The 4 most important indicators for our clients are:

  • Agile Transformation tracking: They can compare the number of projects completed using each methodology over time (Agile/Waterfall/Hybrid)
  • Performance measurement: Not only the number of projects delivered on time, on budget and desired quality, but also in their “agile performance” with the number of complexity points handled each week by the teams.
  • Identification of project issues: Customized reports enablings, specific actions plan.
  • Business satisfaction: with the distribution of evaluations to teams…

Contributor: Charles MAHE, Head of Pre-Sales

“We were able to rely on One2Team’s pragmatic vision to accelerate our agile transformation. This allowed us to better address strategic business issues while ensuring a gradual rise in competence of all new organizational modes. The consolidated vision of all these subjects also enabled the PMO team to have better budgetary control and to anticipate more strongly on the subjects to be launched.”

Mike B. - PMO

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