Improving project delivery through hybrid project management

Companies are juggling geo-dispersed teams and projects – Agile – Waterfall – Hybrid.  

Even though only 38% of employees strongly agree that their organization provides them with the tools and technologies they need to succeed. 

Find out how implementing a platform in which you can manage your hybrid projects will improve your delivery. 

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In this free eBook, discover:

The 3 main reasons for the acceleration of the Agile transformation

 The 4 major difficulties related to Agile project management

Why Agile projects are 3x more likely to succeed than Waterfall projects…

Why only half of Agile projects are delivered within the initial objectives.

Why hybrid projects are the key to a delivery aligning with objectives

The need for a platform to get a 360° view of multi-methodology projects portfolio

“At OVHcloud, with a perspective of agility at scale, we chose a single tool at the operational level, because we could no longer juggle from one tool to another. Because of the cross-functional nature of our subjects, this was hindering the sharing and visualization of cross-team adhesions. We needed a very ergonomic and visual work tool that would be the central work tool for all the teams.”


Nathalie Grasset – Program Director in charge of agility at scale deployment.

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