A collaborative work platform is only effective if it is used by as many contributors as possible, as quickly and as frequently as possible. From its origins, the One2Team platform has been designed to be immediately picked up and adopted by as many people as possible and to deliver work and projects efficiently.

User Experience (UX) has always been at the heart of One2Team’s product development: whether it was by being the first to offer the Kanban format on a single screen or more recently through innovations related to navigation such as the Breadcrumb. Our product vision is to address the adoption, 360-degree view, and strategic alignment issues that our customers care about by putting the user experience at the heart of our platform’s evolution.

Discover how our product team’s strategy focuses on facilitating the user experience to improve the performance of the platform and our customers’ programs.

Increased customization for a quick start-up


Our pre-built solutions are configurable to get as close as possible to the customer’s needs. Our consulting teams assist customers in finalizing the construction of their solutions. Once live, the One2Team platform adapts to the user: not everyone has the same personal interface, but only the key elements that concern them. The board of a project manager in charge of operational missions will not be the same as that of a portfolio manager in charge of the global management of projects, because both have neither the same tasks nor the same needs for information and details. This adaptability of the platform allows the user to go straight to the point and respond directly to their use. By simplifying and personalizing, it makes the information more visible and clarifies what is to be treated in priority. The interface becomes more accessible, quicker to learn and each contributor becomes quickly operational.

Focus on our latest innovation: simplified navigation for greater efficiency


Over the last few months, the One2Team UX team has been working on two new projects that are now integrated into the One2Team platform: the homepage and the Breadcrumb trail. The goal? Facilitate navigation.

Our homepage provides a starting point that can be customized by everyone: assigned tasks or key projects are visible and viewable at a glance, as soon as you log in to One2Team. On the home page, the contributor can immediately find his favorite objects, content, and links. They don’t have to navigate to find the elements that are most useful to them but can access them directly. The homepage is also a privileged channel for administrators who can highlight key information they wish to share with all contributors (training, links…). Gathering useful information daily and offering contributors increased personalization will further increase the adoption of the platform.

The breadcrumb trail allows you to navigate upstream and downstream of tasks and projects. Once a task is open, the breadcrumb trail allows you to navigate in the phase to which it is attached, as well as the project and even the project portfolio from which it comes. This zoom in/out feature provides a more global view of projects. This 360° vision contributes to the commitment of employees: this new feature allows contributors to better see the link between the tasks to be executed and the global strategy and thus become themselves guarantors of the alignment between the strategy and its execution.

Collaborative work for continuous improvement


In parallel with the major platform improvement projects, the Product team implements incremental innovations based on customer needs. These innovations are possible thanks to exchanges with the consultants and Customer Success teams: our consultants analyze customer needs and configure pre-built solutions with them to customize them. The Customer Success team accompanies step by step the deployment of One2Team at our customers. These innovations are enabled by their feedback and by the feedback of our customers themselves.
For example, following customer feedback on the need to better distinguish the different task cards of the platform, the UX team added colorful pictograms associated with each card to improve the readability and identification of the cards. Thanks to these interactions between customers and our teams, the One2Team platform is in a continuous improvement process to be always closer to customers’ expectations and challenges of adoption, speed, and efficiency.

One2Team proposes to provide personalized, digital, and human support. Our Consulting teams will help you adapt our pre-built and modular solutions to your organization. Our Customer Success teams support the deployment and the acceptance of your solution by your employees. And the Product team is also constantly listening to customer needs to make the platform more and more easily accessible, so that you can deliver your projects and jobs and meet all your objectives. For 20 years, One2Team has been constantly improving the performance of its platform to make it the most adapted to the customer’s needs for 360° vision, alignment between strategy and execution, simple and quick learning, and mobilization of employees.

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