Gain a Clear View, Despite the Complexity

Rely on features built for field operation success

Multisite deployments require knowledge for operations and field visibility for stakeholders. So One2Team includes support for site-level survey and inventory data, deployment kits, repeat task sequences, resources routing and mapping, sub-contractor management and more.

Get the appropriate level of detail, whenever you want

Our tailored interfaces and tools fit the different needs of a cross-functional deployment team, from contractors and engineers to project managers and executives — all with drilldown detail that’s updated in realtime.

Know that you have the right information

All project data is available in a single data source in real time, guaranteeing that there are no conflicting reports, delays or misunderstandings on the true status of a single task or an entire program.

Data visualization and analytics

For deployments this complex, you need an invaluable source of business performance insights, compliance information and planning forecasts. Project analysis, visualization, budget-tracking and decision-making tools keep the right insights on hand.

Orange: 600 Stores, New Product, New Company

``With One2Team, not only did we secure the planning process for our store renovation program, but we increased team productivity by more than 15%.``


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Huawei: Telco Operational Excellence

The size and number of complex deployment projects in the telecom sector have escalated. Huawei is a global leader in 4G LTE deployments, small cell networks and upgrades of 3G asset stock. The company leveraged One2Team to manage a wide variety of suppliers, contractors and customer teams.

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