Complex Projects, Simple Interface

Visually manage all tasks with customizable views and drag-and-drop functionality. Update the status of all outstanding tasks and see the changes reflected across all related tasks in the project portfolio – in realtime.

Tailored Views for Each Role

Provide the project details appropriate to each role and fit different needs across user types. Put rules in place to manage task routing and how each process is managed. Set the right templates in place from the start, or modify them with any change in process or governance.

Orange gains full visibility in renovation progress of 600 stores with One2Team

Our operations now run on One2team and everyone has access to a comprehensive global view of what is going on.”

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Collaboration Like Never Before

Make it easy for good ideas to gain momentum quickly. Share feedback, communicate priorities, and hold standup meetings all in one place. Ensure consistency with automatic versioning and customize access to social channels directly in task and project discussions.

All Teams, Synchronized

Create transparency and improve collaboration with custom user views of the Slideboard. With One2Team’s unique, scalable data model, users see the data most pertinent to them, then provide feedback or flag any issues directly within each card. Anyone can drill into as much detail as provided or needed.

Strategic Initiatives, The Agility Blueprint

Strategic initiatives fail more often than they succeed. According to the Project Management Institute, organizations lose on average $149 million for every $1 billion spent on strategic initiatives, due to poor project execution. Organizational agility is what can make the difference between success and failure.

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All Your Dashboards In One Place, Anytime

Get the right information as a single source of truth with the ability to connect projects within One2Team and your preferred external data sources. Customize the reporting interface to watch the right gauges by role, department and need.

Project Management Tools for PMOs

Ensure all projects are on time and resources are used efficiently by planning, managing, and completing projects with real-time data and live report updates. With One2Team planning modules, we’ll meet your process where it’s at, and take it to the next level of maturity.

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Renault rolls out the PRO+ brand at 650 dealerships with One2Team

One2Team allowed us to achieve real-time visibility of the gap between the results achieved on the field and our targets by region, by country, etc. We have achieved our goals because this near-instantaneous data analysis increased our ability to find solutions.

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Management Made Mobile

Always be ready on-the-go with the One2Team’s Mobile app, even if you’re an executive checking program status or a contributor validating a checklist. Customize features whether you need to create and manage tasks, upload and update new documents or just get real-time data on the go. Compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.

Your Projects, Protected

Ensure each layer of your data is secure in the cloud with world-class hosting and Encryption at Rest. One2Team’s data layers are separate and role-based which makes requirements like single tenancy arrangements simple, while keeping your data more secure on each layer. Streamline enterprise password and authentication policies and user login experience with Single Sign-On (SSO) by integrating your directories (SAMLv2 and ADFS3 compliant) with One2Team.

20,000 users. 50 countries. $130 billion in project budgets managed.

Leading enterprises trust One2Team with their most critical transformation initiatives and projects.