Driving Adoption of the Enterprise Project Management Platform to Manage the Daily Activity of Cross-Functional Teams

The example of the Multichannel Communication Unit of Crédit Agricole Charente Périgord 

CACP’s Multichannel Communication Unit manages all its activities using One2Team (Sciforma Deliver). This includes internal and external communications, CSR-related activities, and mutualist actions. This unit brings together 3 departments working in synergy: the Marketing, Internet and Communication departments. 

As an organizer within the Transformation and Innovation Unit, what is your role and use of One2Team (Sciforma Deliver)? 

Emilie CHABREYROU, CACP, Organizer | PMO: “My job as an organizer, which can also be defined as a PMO, is about setting up and running projects alongside the various departments involved, which can be internal to CACP or national projects as part of our Innovation and Transformation program. 

To me, One2Team is the repository of all these requests. In my day-to-day work, I use the platform to communicate with the regional bank people who work with me on projects through the discussion thread. This allows the different members of the project groups I belong to and the teams I work with to: 

  • Have a shared vision of the statuses and actions in progress and work remaining to be done;
  • View the documents and various shared deliverables;
  • Understand the health of the project instantly.

All in one place. 

This allows me to consistently provide the various committees with information that reflects progress. Since everything is shared in One2Team, we all have the same level of information.” 

How does One2Team (Sciforma Deliver) help you to develop a project culture within CACP? 

Emilie CHABREYROU, CACP, Organizer | PMO: “As a CACP administrator of the One2Team solution, I am empowered to set up dedicated One2Team environments. Our first internal customer is the Multichannel Communication Unit.  

Instead of receiving multiple requests by email, entering them into an Excel file, and then completing the capacity for their own department, all 3 departments and their requestors now use One2Team. 

Requests are now made directly in One2Team and the 3 departments allocate their respective resources during weekly committees. This way, they share a clear view of their capacity and project schedule across departments and with requestors and they can prioritize requests.” 


Within the Sales Communication Unit, how do you use One2Team (Sciforma Deliver)? 

Fabien DUBAELE, CACP, Head of the Sales Communication Unit 

“I use One2Team not only to design and roll out communication plans alongside the Marketing and Internet departments, but also to manage and monitor the activities of the Sales Communication Unit. 

The process is very simple: I create my project card with the key information of the file (date, stakeholder, content…) and then I assign the actions to the relevant people. Then, the integrated chat system allows me to communicate with stakeholders directly on the project card and to add documents as the work progresses.  

Anne OTTOGALI, CACP, WebMaster, Internet Unit Department: “I am in charge of updating the CACP website and customer communications. I use One2Team for the sales animations that are coordinated by Multichannel Communication. 

During the Multichannel committee, which takes place twice a week, we assess the feasibility and the time requirements, and we compare the constraints on the 3 departments against the requests we receive. 

Before One2Team, I used to spend almost an entire afternoon per week reviewing the sales actions and planning activity for the next week. Today, all I need to do is attend the committees.”  


What does One2Team (Sciforma Deliver) provide you?

Fabien DUBAELE, CACP, Head of the Sales Communication Unit 

For me One2Team is a great tool to: 

  • Coordinate our business projects, especially with third-party departments,
  • Manage the actions of each team member and assess capacity,
  • Take up or take over a project easily when an employee is away, which improves productivity.

Finally, One2Team is a tool that each role can embrace. You can customize it by creating your own views, or by creating tags for priority issues for example.” 

Anne OTTOGALI – WebMaster, Internet Unit Department: “What I find interesting in One2Team is the simplified interactions across the different departments, the sharing of documents and the visibility on project progress. One2Team enables me to: 

  • Assess my weekly workload;
  • Communicate in a much more seamless way;
  • Archive communications to reuse them from one year to the next;
  • Enjoy greater responsiveness and a much-reduced margin of error.


Would you say that the adoption of One2Team (Sciforma Deliver) is a success and if so why?

Emilie CHABREYROU, CACP, Organizer | PMO: “Today, we can say that the use of One2Team for Multichannel Communication activities is a success as 100% of requests go through the platform.  

This is the first use case developed for internal customers; we were afraid that users would continue to send emails. But it is a success because they are using One2Team. 

Why? Because the adoption is the result of a joint effort with the departments of the Unit based on their needs, first with a mock-up and then with the configuration of their One2Team. The 3 departments have ready access to their operational terminology and the request forms they receive are easier to process because they feature the key information. Finally, everything is centralized and shared in real time, which facilitates their work compared to a year ago. 

With One2Team, these teams have a better view of their work requirements and can better process their requests. They get positive feedback from users on project success. So, the change is not perceived as a challenge but rather as a benefit, and this is really gratifying for me.” not 

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