Do you manage a large portfolio of projects? Would you like to easily and quantitatively know how well they are doing ? What if you started using a project health score?

Why you need to start using a health score in Project Management

Nowadays, most projects depend on other projects or initiatives to deliver functionality. The challenge is to coordinate everything together to minimize schedule delays, reduce resource conflicts and avoid unnecessary costs. Companies must also ensure that their projects are aligned with the latest business goals. When strategy changes, they must establish a bottom-up process that links the outcome of the projects with the organizational strategy.

What exactly is a Health Score?

Project managers, sponsors and project team members are sometimes so immersed in daily activities that they are no longer able to assess the true status of a project.

The Project Health Score is based on objective and quantitative values ​​to know how a project is going. The project manager can therefore be proactive and anticipate schedule delays when a project fails or tends to go in the wrong direction.

How to easily define and measure your projects’ health score?

If you manage a lot of projects at the same time, you can set up a custom formula based on your indicators. Some PPM tools, such as Sciforma, can also automatically calculate this health score and track your projects status on a daily basis.

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Camélia Docquin

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