Agrifood cooperatives differ from other organizations and from their project management in many aspects. For instance, they usually operate by sharing common resources, which implies harmony in processes and working methods within each member entity. Other aspects are differentiators in the agrifood sector such as the highest human dimension, the ecological and sustainable development challenges, or even global competitiveness.

Project management in the agricultural cooperative sector is therefore subject to constraints that are difficult to overcome without suitable software. Having a good tool, that already proved its value in this market, can allow cooperatives to lead more projects with higher added value.

Eurial – strengthen project and resource planning with Sciforma

Good resource planning makes it possible to anticipate the capacity to do, and therefore to better control the influx of projects and / or to anticipate the required capacity changes upstream. Sciforma has enabled the CIO of the EURIAL cooperative, the milk branch of AGRIAL, to gain momentum over the planning and management of its projects and resources.

For example, the tool has opened up the possibility of establishing load forecasts: being able to anticipate makes it possible to prioritize projects according to your ability to do, which was essential for IT department under a lot of pressure.

Terrena – optimize the execution and monitoring of projects with Sciforma

A quick and efficient project execution requires above all a good visibility on projects’ statuses, evolutions and progress, potential issues, available resources, and any other element allowing to evaluate their health score.

For Terrena, the first multi-purpose agricultural cooperative in France, Sciforma has greatly facilitated monitoring project lifecycles. The information is centralized and accessible at all times, which has enabled a refined portfolio management. The integration of budget management processes into the tool has generated invaluable time savings. Since implementing Sciforma, the time spent managing timesheets and billing has been divided by… 20.

Nutrixo – ensure good portfolio management with Sciforma

Ensuring that project portfolios match strategy is essential to maximize the benefits of project investments. This involves selecting the projects with the best potential, but also reviewing the prioritization along the way according to upcoming challenges.

A subsidiary of Vivescia, the leading French grain cooperative group, NutriXo is a leader in the milling and baking markets. The deployment of Sciforma solution has enabled NutriXo’s IT department to acquire new visibility on its workload, and therefore to better prioritize requests and better manage their implementation.

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Camélia Docquin

Camélia is Sciforma’s Marketing Manager for Europe and enjoys learning different perspectives of the current business environment and project management challenges that enterprises and individuals face daily. Main interests include : innovation, digital transformation, and strategy execution.